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Emile Coue Still Rules


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Do you own heuristics (strategies) to implement your intentions for financial success and lifelong good health?

Sorry, nobody cares about your dreams and desires, only about your intentions and how you will implement them. If you do not have a strategy, a set of rules how to get to your goals, I am betting on the guy that does.

A French pharmacist and self-trained psychologist, Coue (pronounced K-way), used knowledge of the brain and human nature seventy-five years (three-generations) before his time. He is still known as the father of autosuggestion.

If you could suspend your skepticism for five minutes you will learn the algorithm (steps) of how to cure pain, improve health, while adding to your longevity.

He died in 1926 leaving a baby-easy system to capture your goals and use your own mind to heal and even prosper (beyond your dreams of avarice).

Coue operated a free clinic in Nancy, France where students came from around the world to learn his autosuggestion programming. Many came because they had exhausted orthodox medical treatment for their illness, others to discover how to achieve their burning desires.

Left and Right Hemispheres

Do you believe in the power of habit? Whatever you imprint on your right-hemisphere (Central and Autonomic Nervous Systems) becomes a habit and operates on auto-pilot in future decision making and behaviors.

These right-brain structures operate your senses (vision, auditory and kinesthetic), and all motor (execution) cortices.

Our Central Nervous System and Autonomic Nervous System (right-brain) produce 11 million bits of information per second (non-consciously). Our conscious mind creates the behaviors we are aware of (language, reason, math and science) through the dominance of our left-hemisphere.

Our left brain produces about 40 bits of information per second, compared to the 11 million bits required by our senses and motor cortices governed by our right brain.

Please take notice we will use the term Right-Brain for what others call our Subconscious mind. They are identical in producing feelings and emotions, intuition and mental imagery.

Both hemispheres communicate with each other through a brain structure called the Corpus Callosum, a thick band of nerve fibers (axons) lying between both brain halves. Our left brain is verbal and reasoning, while our right brain is non-verbal (mostly), emotionally and instinctually-driven.

Command Affirmations

Coue said, whatever you repeat (orally or mentally) with feeling for about 15 minutes daily and consecutively for 21 days, it becomes a command for your right-brain to execute. Add to your affirmations a detailed mental movie and your triple your power to create your destiny.

Wait – if you repeat according to his rules, I want to be President of the U. S. or control one-trillion dollars, with powerful emotion, will that manifest itself in your life?

Nyet, because you live in Panama or in the U. S. but have no background in politics. The trillion dollars is a problem too because it requires knowledge and skills in finances and basic monetary resources. You need experience first.

Autosuggestion works by activating your existing talents and gifts, and finding the necessary assistance in your environment to move to the next level. It aint magic or winning the Lotto, it is the use of your brain to attract ideas, people and money.

Coue used variations on his command affirmation to help you cure yourself and trigger both halves of your cerebral cortex to access your desired goals.

Every day in every way, I am getting better and better. Every day in every way, I am getting better and better. Every day in every way…

We have successfully tested our version on thousands of students and it produces almost instantaneous improvement.

Every day in every way, I am Speedlearning better and better. Every day in every way, I am Speedlearning better and better. Every day in every way…

For healing the command affirmation reads –

Every day in every way I am healing and feeling better and better…

Simple, right? Now you make up your own core affirmation to attract great wealth.

The secret is not in the sequence of words of your Coue affirmation; it is your feelings, expectations and detailed guided imagery. You must have a burning desire for your goal and maintain a detailed mental picture of having already attained your goal. The greater the details of your mental movie, the faster your mental activation toward your goal.

Yes, Really

A student who repeats – Every day in every way I am acing my LSAT and feel better and better, daily for 15 minutes, while mentally visualizing his/her exam with a circled A+ on it, will avoid test anxiety. He/she will be in-sync in both hemispheres, including their senses and motor cortices for optimal learning and mental recall; it is indispensable for acing exams, interviews and presentations.

How do we know it is not an old wives tale?

One phrase – fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imagery).

The Buzzing of the Bee

You can energize your hands for healing and your mind and body for personal growth. The secret according to Coue is breathing patterns, eye-movements, and your auditory cortex.

a) If you wish to heal an area on the right side of your body, use your fingers gestures (mudras) of your left hand and vice versa.

b) For personal growth combine the finger gestures (mudras) of both hands touching your navel (solar plexus).

c) Sit with your eyes closed, relaxed and diaphragmatically inhale to a count of four and slowly exhale to a count of eight. Repeat three times.

d) Orally or mentally (silently) repeat the following phrase rapidly for the length of a long exhale.

It is going, going, going …Gone. A second long exhale. – It is going, going, going… Gone. A third long exhale. – It is going, going, going, gone. And it is so.

e) Your mental visualization (imagery) must simultaneously be chewing and disintegrating the injury or infection, and see it flushed down the drain, while mentally saying or hearing your command affirmation.

f) Repeat this exercise three-times (just two-minutes) daily with a burning desire for its manifestation and expect a positive result.

End Words

Coue was a scientist and requested those who used his command affirmations

for healing and goal seeking to act like professional scientists. He requested

strict record keeping of each sessions.

He was famous for saying, Students do not come to us for explanations, but

for personal experiences of success. The secret is in the doing, not the talking

about doing. Coue quoted Teddy Roosevelt – Do what you can, with what

you have, where you are. In other words – stop complaining and get to work.

The second exercise (Buzzing of the Bees) is not an urban myth or New Wave

thinking, it is based on speeding up our Vibrational Frequency and the Polarity

of Electromagnetism of our protons and electrons of the atoms of our neurons. It

is based on the principles of Quantum Physics.

See ya,

copyright © 2007


Author of Speed Reading For Professionals published by Barron's; partner of Evelyn Wood creator of speed reading, graduating 2 million, including the White House staffs of four U. S. Presidents.

Interviews for two major article in the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine.


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