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Some people may hold the initial perspective that men of faith are those too simple and deluded to understand that atheism, duality, the theory of evolution or the absence of afterlife is the correct way to explain the universe, and some people that men of reason are those missing out on what life (and death) has to offer since they work their brains off to show that there’s no proof behind theism, non-duality, theory of divine creation or afterlife/reincarnation.

Let’s take it from the top. Belief is the mind pattern saying that proof and belief go hand in hand. Without proof, you won’t believe. Alternatively, without belief, no proof will present itself. Faith, on the other hand is a form of belief without any sort of proof. One could also say that the way I delve into something new, as explained in the link above, is that faith gets transformed into belief. I think it’s a very powerful realization that you can start out with blind faith, see whether a proof appears to you and draw your conclusions from there, and only if you’ve personally conducted this experiment first-hand.

This doesn’t come without risk or peril though as hard-core rational thinkers like to express their view on the matter. They reason that if you would e. g. start to show faith in God, then your mind and senses will start to play tricks on you and you would end up deluding yourself into believing that God has spoken to you, showed his might and power somehow or proven His existence through any other imaginable way. How can you tell if that’s the correct interpretation or if a divine power truly does influence people’s lives once they start to show faith?

That is entirely for you to decide and hopefully it is or has been a conscious choice. I’d still like to explain how I view this issue and live by. Maybe it’s helpful, maybe it’s delusional. Whatever your opinion, it’s very closely linked to the views I’ve shared on other intangible issues in past entries. So here’s my take on it.

For starters, I’m currently quite centred on the Judging - Perceiving scale of the MBTI, the only one of the four I’ve been a mover and shaker in. I want things to be open-ended and myself to be open-minded. Yet, I also always want to strictly belong to a certain model of belief, reality, causality or understanding that is structured, easy to understand, fulfilling to follow and plays a role in my results and progress as a human being. I find utter indifference in that which I can’t influence.

I’m also a devoted spokesperson on helping people awaken to make choices in their lives. Choices not originating from others’ programming and force, but arising from within, making the most sense and delivering the greatest results and purpose to everyone on a personal level. Since I find so much power behind choices, my greatest weapon in fighting either/or-thinking has been to first ask the following question for myself whenever I encounter issues like this one. “Can I choose both?”

Intangible issues are infinite. My view is that you may be as greedy as you want when it comes to answering these questions, so ask first if two or several choices can co-exist in your mind at the same time. Long-time readers may have noticed that I’m prone to do this. However, sometimes I fight and-thinking by evaluating two concepts that are both accepted in general. I end up eliminating one of them as I’ve found the other one to be useless. When it comes to faith and belief I allow both to exist and I use whichever suits best when I encounter something new and exciting. There’s something good to be found in them both.

Belief is such a fundamental pattern for explaining causality that man simply couldn’t function properly if he didn’t believe in proof. However, the trick lies in not using it excessively, only believing that which already comes with a proof. I think every form of belief that you currently hold was originally a leap of faith. Everything is first faith and slowly more and more of it transforms into belief. As an “unconscious” baby you have faith that somebody will nurture and nourish you. As your senses evolve and you become conscious of being the master of your bodily movements, you have faith that you can stand, walk, talk, touch and do anything that everyone else is doing. Would you rather classify this as seeing proof and then believing? Maybe so, but the truth is that I can’t do and can’t learn to do exactly the same things as others can. We come with different characteristics and abilities, which means that some actions require faith and not belief - if not all, as I view it.

Take for instance the faith in sailing across the Atlantic, the faith in flying through the air, the faith in running a mile under four minutes and the faith in landing on the moon. None of those happened until somebody experimented and decided to make them provable. The proof then turned the faith into belief. Without faith, humanity would not evolve. We would all do only that which we have proof of us being able to do. What humanity is doing is that we constantly take things previously in the realm of faith and transform it into belief. The downside of this progress is that some people have become lost in only accepting belief as their mental model of explaining how the universe works. This is why I subscribe both to faith and belief in helping myself along with everyone else to awaken to their true potential of what they can accomplish.

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