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The Vibration Of Truth

Neel Raman

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In the bustle of everyday life as you rush from here to there with not a lot of opportunity to sit still, there's hardly time to take even five minutes just for yourself. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the end of the day, bombarded by media and noise, traffic, stress, difficulties to be overcome and problems to be solved.

All that noise and clamour! You can barely hear yourself think, can you, let along tune in to that deep part of you where you can hear the silence.

How often do you give yourself time to feel your connection to the depth and peace of the universe and a shared consciousness?

That connection is our spark. It's palpable is energy. It resonates through your heart, reminding you of the deeper truths of what it is to be a part of this planet as a loving human being.

You will recognise it in a piece of music, when a chord resonates with your spirit like a shock wave racing through your skin. You will hear it when you're torn between this taking action and another - the truth will make itself known to your heart because it asks for recognition in kind, compassionate words and action.

No matter who we are or wherever we come from, we all have the ability to tune in and feel that low thrum that lets us know we are bound and connected to one another in spirit. The sadness is that so many people have lost the ability to hear it and perhaps never had the chance to learn to do so. Or they may have chosen not to listen to it because listening to the truth inside them will create too much of a conflict - change or stay the same. It may ask them to re-evaluate their lives and choose to live compassionately and openly, or stay fearful and defended.

You know your purpose in life is right and true, and it’s in your heart. You know your vision of what is possible is meant for you. That vibration of truth tells you so and it will never fail you if you only open up to its song.

Neel Raman, is an author, keynote speaker and coach to many. He has written ‘Hoops and Freedom’, an informative and powerful self-improvement book, in the form of an entertaining fiction story, targeted at those who want and demand more from life. To find out more about this book and his FREE offers, visit:


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