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Success Unconventional--How Can You Get This Essential Part of A Great Life?

Andrea Waggener

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Success unconventional-have you achieved it? Do you even know what it is? Being able to say that you've achieved success unconventional is one of the best ways to be happy and fulfilled.

Why success unconventional? Why not unconventional success?

Because the very term, “success unconventional" suggests something not quite “ordinary, " something unique. Success unconventional is unique success. It's success that suits you and you only.

Most people go after what I think of as success mainstream. They think they're successful if they have a lot of money. They think they're successful if they have a great marriage and one or more children who get great grades and look wonderful in school pictures. They think they're successful if they live in a large house, drive a great car, and wear the “right" clothes.

Although these experiences and things can be signs of success, they're not the ONLY signs of success. You can be a great success even if you have none of these normal trappings of success.

Success unconventional is about creating the success that suits you and only you. Perhaps, for example, you want, in your heart of hearts, to be an artist. You don’t care if you have a big house or a nice car. You just want people to buy your oil paintings and if you sell enough of them to live comfortably, you’re happy.

Your parents, however, want to see you be what they call a “real success. ” Your spouse wants you to be a “real success. ” These people in your life push you into graphic art work or commercial art because they see the money and the lifestyle a lot of money brings as the signs of true success.

You may look like a success to the outside world if you live up to others’ expectations. But you won’t achieve success unconventional, in other words, “true success” until you follow your own heart and do what is right for you.

Your parents version of success, your spouse’s version of success, and your friends’ version of success is their version of success. Your version must be yours.

So how do you create success unconventional?

When you follow these eight steps, you can achieve the success that is just right for you. (I suggest you write down the answers to each of these steps. )

1. Make a list of what you value in your life. What's most important to you? Do you value love the highest? Do you value financial security the highest? Health? Prioritize your values.

2. Answer this question. If you could be anything you wanted to be, what would you be? In other words, what job would you be doing? What qualities would you have?

3. Answer this question. If you could have anything or anyone you want in your life, what would be there? Take a look at what kind of people you want to be with. Think about where you want to live. Decide what things you want around you. Think about the kinds of experiences you want to have.

4. Answer this question. What do want to be sure you accomplish before you die?

5. Take the answers to all these questions and design a life that would make you perfectly happy. Actually write it out like a story. Once you have your story, you know what your success unconventional will look like. This vision is the basis for the next three steps.

6. Write out a list of actions you can take to begin creating the life you want to live. Jot down everything you can think of that will help you move toward your vision of success.

7. Every morning, ask your inner guidance (or God-whatever works best for you) to lead you to the actions and information necessary to achieve your success unconventional. State your intention to live according to your success vision.

8. As you go through your day, be alert to people, information, and opportunities that will help you create the success you want. Be willing to adjust your daily actions accordingly.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to create a life that's just right for you. Finding what's just right is the basis of success unconventional.

Find out how to turn your problems into power. Get a free report on how to create outstanding results in your life at Ande Waggener, J. D. , is an author and a motivational speaker who shows people how to remove misery from their lives so they can have the success unconventional they need.


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