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The Amazing Subconscious Mind


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As the 20th century drew to a close, we have become aware of a unique connection between what happens in our minds and the affect our thoughts have on our bodies. Many serious diseases are believed to have significant mental and emotional factors. In fact, some recent research on health and wellness talks on how our minds and how visualization techniques are being used to fight disease.

Our mind itself has two parts, a conscious and subconscious. Most of us are familiar with the conscious mind as it runs our outer life. But an outrageous number of our decisions which affect our life really come from our subconscious. The subconscious is extremely powerful and has many functions.

Let us examine some of the functions of the subconscious. For starters, our subconscious serves as a memory bank. Unbelievably, all that we have ever experienced is stored there. The subconscious actually stores a multitude of memory patterns which will feed information to the conscious mind when activated. Data is never erased unless the subconscious mind gives that command.

The subconscious also controls and regulates involuntary functions of the body such as breathing, circulation, metabolism, digestion, hormone balance, etc. Self hypnosis is often used to affect these areas.

Another function of the subconscious is that of being the seat of all our emotions. Since our emotions dictate the intensity of our desires which affect our behavior, thus, many behavior issues have a very strong emotional content. Self hypnosis can be used to release these stored emotions.

Also, the subconscious mind is the home of the imagination. Even when not used, all of us have an active imagination that can be used to create our goals. Creative visualization done in trance is one of the greatest secrets of success.

Interesting enough, our subconscious also carries out our habitual conduct. Through the utilization of direct and indirect suggestion in self hypnosis, we can develop a system of habits that support goals.

Finally, the subconscious is what directs our energy and drives us toward our goals. Using positive reprogramming the subconscious can be directed towards creating our goals. Self hypnosis is one of the most practical and effective ways to enter the subconscious mind.

Therefore, self Hypnosis is a great way to create positive changes in your life. It can be used to change bad habits, to achieve our goals, and as we have recently discovered, it can be used to fight sickness and disease.

Chuck Cox currently operates the “How to do Self Hypnosis" website which addresses the theory and application of self hypnosis. Did you find this article helpful? Find out more about self hypnosis at


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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
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