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Is it also fair to say that many people feel insignificant amongst the enormity of all that surrounds us?

If we feel we are no more than an insignificant speck on the wall of the Universe how on earth can we even contemplate anything deep and wise, worthwhile and significant?

It may also be a fair reflection to say that most of the world is so busy galloping around in personal pursuits and ‘getting by’ that it has little time to sit back and ponder the consequences of daily habits.

In fact, if the population can't even get out of debt, find better health or overcome past troubles how will it ever find real peace, share open hearted love with a partner and nurture a healthy planet?

Yet we all know people who know how to fix these problems - often they're the ones cutting our hair and driving our taxi!

Joking aside, I think it's fair to say that we all know, at some level, that there is something we can do. The problem we face, as a tiny speck on the wall of the Universe, is that we are clueless with where to start.

I know better than most about poor health, financial pain, emotional trauma and lack of resources. In 2002 I set out on a journey to change these things and somewhere along the way I decided to become a human experiment - someone others can look at and say, ‘If he can sort himself out, anyone can!'

The journey is healing. And as we heal ourselves we heal those around us - the boys and girls we brought to this world, the men and women we love and the lives of people we may touch, but never meet.

When we heal our health, it ripples throughout our lives. When we move beyond our pain everyone that comes into contact with us has a different experience of who we are.

As we move beyond our troubles, we start to look out at the world. We start to wonder what we can share with it. We start to understand how we can be a part of it, shape it. It's just small steps, taken regularly in the direction our deep wisdom pulls us.

When we follow our deep wisdom we don't have to feel pain anymore - unless we choose to. We can see what is happening to us, become consciously aware of it, understand it in the moment and fix the problem for the future.

Here is something for you to try with your wisdom:

When a situation occurs or a feeling arises that you don't like, sit quietly and explore what would have to change about your experience so that your life might be more enjoyable.

With love and best wishes for a wise week!


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