Success Secrets... Does Thinking Big Give Big Results?


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Thinking big almost destroyed me.

"Mike, what are you talking about???"

When I was a youngen', reading and learning, all the ‘know it all's’ said, “One of the biggest keys to success is to think big. "

Thinking big didn't work for Mike Litman.

Thinking big had me chasing my tail for 7 years.

Thinking big had me waking up at 4am, taking the subway uptown and getting paid $10 an hour for a job I hated.

I talk from my own experience, that's it. You take from it what helps you, understood?

Maybe ‘thinking big’ has worked for others, but not me.

"Mike, this is very interesting, tell me more. "

Onwards, greatness soldier.

Listen, I'm all for having a vision and dream for your life. 100%.

But here's what I don't get.

If you've never made $300, $1000, $3,000+ a month, how in the world should your goal be to make $10k, $20k+ a month?

For years I thought big, big monthly, yearly goals and it was like crawling on hot coals. My progress was sloooww.

And then I got SO FED UP with ‘thinking big’ and ‘big goals', I knew I had to do something else.

So I did the opposite.

I made my goals small. Tiny.

I was furious. I either had to make my business work or go work more hours at a job.

So instead of my goal being $10,000 this month.

My goal was $300.

Then I accomplished it. The goal went to $700

Then $1,500




and then I woke up shortly after at 8k, 10k, 30k, 50+ monthly.

Life teaches us about the law of growth.

Do you know anyone who went from kindergarten to college?

How about someone who got married on the first date?

Everything in life happens in steps. 1 step at a time.

Remember this***Every level of income demands a different you.

You have people who have $1k a month mindsets, try to make $10k+ a month. What a joke. (laugh)

Call this controversial, but for beginner entrepreneurs I believe in the ‘magic of thinking small’.

This concept transformed my life.

Success is about discipline and paying the price.

People with their ‘head in the clouds’ just chase their tail for years, like I used to do.

Increase your goal each month by 10-25%.

Keep CELEBRATING your small victories.

Go from $300, $500, $900 a month and keep growing it.

Oprah started with 1 viewer.

Google started with 1 visitor.

Sure, have a big AIM for your life, but start where you are.

What's your goal for today, this week, this month?



Ignite the POWER in you that begs to contribute.

That begs to CREATE.

That begs to SERVE.

That begs to WIN.

That's who YOU are. You and I both know that, it's obvious.

One more tip for today: If I was you I'd print this email and read it once a month for 90 days. Your call.

March on.

Your Coach,

Mike Litman's Success Secrets

Mike Litman is the co-author of the #1 best-selling book Conversations with Millionaires. At the age of 32, Mike Litman has built a multi million dollar business and changed the lives of over 250,000 individuals worldwide.

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