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How do you start you day? Do you just wake up in the morning, have your bath and go to work? If you answer yes to this question, may I say that in this day and age, that is not how to start an eventful day?

Everyday spend time thinking about your future, your life, your values and your choices. Decide where you are going and write it down. I do it early in the morning; some of my clients do it before bed. Find what works out best for you and use it.

I start my day with what I call the golden hour when I sharpen the mind by means of keeping myself physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually fit. It is about renewing yourself, which will in turn give you time to recreate yourself and boost your confidence. The first thing I do is to shape up spiritually by prayer, reading the Bible and reading a booklet called “Word for Today" which I have been reading for years. Then I move onto shaping myself physically by exercising. I do 50 press-ups every morning. After that I shape up intellectually by reading a chapter of the book I am reading at the moment or anything that will shape me intellectually. During this process I look at my things to do for today list and allocate the ABCD strategy. A is Action Now, B is before the end of the day, C is Can wait till tomorrow and D is you delegate it or delete it

By the time my family wakes up I am ready to shape up emotionally. And we listen and dance to vibrant music together. The favourite ones in the family are “A Higher Place" by Peyton, “Moving On Up" by M People and “Move It" by Reel to Reel

May I also add that it is important you go to bed early to get a good night’s sleep? Benjamin Franklin noted that “early to bed, early to rise makes a man (or woman) healthy and wise. " Keeping an ambitious; rigorous daily schedule seems to help. If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten. I guarantee it!

Peak performance people know the value of controlling their daily direction. They know that starting the day with some inspiration reading or vibrant music or stimulating conversation will tend to invigorate the entire day. That is why every motivational speaker recommends listening to tapes in the morning, rather than the bad news on TV

Here are some Constructive Tips for everyday Planning that one of my teachers, Bob Proctor taught me:

Carry a small pad for jotting down things to be done. An inexpensive note pad has played a major role in the success of any executives. Plan your day “tightly. " Schedule progressive action activities. Schedule your outgoing telephone calls so they can be taken care of at one sitting. There is less chance of finding busy lines early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Plan meetings for the beginning or close of the day, not in the midst of work periods. Write out list of things to discuss at each meeting. Plan things that you can work on or think about while you are in transit or waiting around. Have material to read or other constructive work handy for odd moments that inevitably crop up. The best way to stop wasting your life is to plan your time. Plan tomorrow tonight; don’t wait for tomorrow morning. Virtually everyone goes to bed at a different time each night, but as a rule, gets up at the same time every morning. Set your alarm back one hour and you will gain nine forty-hour weeks each year.

Sir Walter Raleigh who built the great tobacco empire was asked how he accomplished so much in such a short time. Raleigh replied, “When there is anything to do, I start it. "

Don’t look at a thing; Start it
Don’t imagine that it is difficult; Start it
Don’t put it off for a day; Start it
Don’t pretend that you must think it over; Start it
Don’t start half-heartedly; put everything you can muster into your start.
“It can’t be done, " but with a forceful start you can do it

You have probably done things throughout your life without using this extra force at the start. Think how much more you could achieve by making an enthusiastic start at each task, every morning.

Start your day with purpose.

Dayo Olomu is a UK-based motivational Speaker, Human Potential Developer, Business/Life Coach, Writer, Trainer, Infopreneur, a Competent Leader and an Advance Toastmaster. His core belief is that we are all endowed with seeds of greatness, and his mission is to inspire and empower individuals and organisations to higher levels of achievement and peak performance. He is the author of best selling “4 Indispensable Strategies for Success" and the charter President of Croydon Communicators Toastmasters. Visit his website at or send an e-mail to


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