Are the Mistakes that You Make Causing You to Fail or are They the Steps to Wealth Creation

Susan Burgess

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All too often people shrug their shoulders at the mistakes they make in relation to gaining riches or increasing their wealth, the mistakes are often treated with mediocrity, they start whining that they are owed money, the Government owes them, the mistakes have cost them their entire savings and that it is everyone’s fault except theirs, then they just give up endeavoring to seek welfare and/or they file for bankruptcy.

There are often times when the financial loss is at a level that can’t be comprehended in the short time or the long term, the person giving up totally on everything even their life, so tragic but so real. Financial loss is painful but if you take a look around and gain knowledge you will find that the majority of wealthy people have all gone through the failures before they have reached their dream.

Success in life is attributable to being in total control from within.

Perhaps you are familiar with many of the tragic stories that have been written on surviving the horrendous happenings in World War II Prison Camps, or the stories of survival following disasters at sea, or the survival stories of each countries explorers, all of which relate to the survival being attributable to those who survived looking at the situation in a very different way, they took total control of the situation from within themselves. They all made a decision to survive and use the mistakes in their life or current situation to make corrections and ensure that they improved the situation little by little.

People like Warren Buffet and Donald Trump do not blame others for the mistakes they make, nor do they throw their arms up in the air and contemplate jumping out of the nearest window, instead they analyze what has caused the mishap, they record the issues and put into practice avenues to stop that same mistake happening again. You cannot manage and repair what you have not measured, learn to measure then erase the mistakes and move on.

Many successful people who have made fortunes from the Stock Market, MLM, and Property Investing have all done so following some financial disaster in their lives.

Why can some people succeed and others can’t?

As stated previously, success in life is attributable to being in control from within and adding the next step and making a decision not to fail.

Do not follow the crowd, they are not going where you need to go, to be successful, you need to be unique and stand out from the others.

Magic does not happen over night, but by constantly making a decision to succeed and analyzing your progress magic will happen.


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