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Why It's OK to Be a Broke, Deadbeat, Loser With a Negative Outlook and an Attitude That Stinks


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Not everybody can be a positive, up-beat, success orientated achiever. Heck some people just don't want to be these things. Let's face it, we need a greater proportion of broke, deadbeat, losers to allow the achievers and successful people to shine. How else would you recognize them?

Could you imagine if every card in the deck of life was an Ace? No lowly twos, threes and fours. No fives, sixes and so on. Gee, even the tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings would be low cards if that were the case. Imagine that - 52 cards in the deck and they are all aces. What could you play?

It is far easier for people to do nothing than it is to do something. It is far easier to say “I cannot" than to say “I can" and it is far easier to say “I won't" rather than say “I will. " Further, it is far easier to be a whinging, whining spectator than a participator.

Having a negative, cynical outlook on life is easy. All you have to do is sit back in your armchair and criticize. By never doing anything yourself, not standing for anything and never trying to achieve anything, nobody can make a claim against you - other than to say, of course, that you are lazy. But hey, the vast majority of society is lazy. So, on that front, you would be in good company. You can blend in.

Doing nothing, being nothing, achieving nothing is what hundreds of millions of people do. They tip-toe through life just trying to make it from birth to death without causing any ripples and not wanting anybody even to notice them.

So, you see, it really is OK to be a broke, deadbeat, loser with a negative outlook on life and an attitude that stinks. You are just one of the herd.

And if you believe that then that is ALL you will ever be.

Don't believe it. I am just being facetious. I only wanted to get your attention. You deserve more. You are here for a purpose. Find that purpose. Fulfill it. THAT, my friend, is your true destiny.

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