Feeling Bad and the Law of Attraction; Failure Guaranteed?

Marc De Bruin

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Recently, somebody asked me if it is true that, if you have a desire, but feel bad when thinking about it, you will actually create the exact opposite of what you want.

That's an interesting point. An example would be this: you have a desire for creating more money in your life, because you currently don't have (enough) of it. You generally feel good about the prospect of drawing the cash in to your life, but every now and then you feel crap about not having it yet. Does feeling the latter mean you actually will create more of the lack?

Honestly, I don't think so.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is pretty firm: you attract into your life what you consistently put your focus on and have feelings about, whether you want the end result or not. Thinking about the lack of money, how you really need it to get by and feeling lousy about that situation, will most likely hold you in a space of lack. Thinking about how excellent it will be to spend all the cash and being fired up about that will most likely yield you a well-filled wallet.

Of course there is more to it all -where does this leave “God's Will", or “Divine Intervention" for instance? More about that in another article- but generally this description sums up the essence of the LOA. It's this description I will work with for the purpose of this article.

So where do the bad feelings come in when thinking about your desire for money?

My opinion is this. We are all human. Although we have many desires in life, and feel good about them lots of times, there are also periods in which we plainly lose the plot, where we think and feel that “it just isn't working", that “everything goes wrong", where “everyone is against me", that “the LOA is a bunch of hoo-ha", or similar downer thoughts. These mood swings can be attributed to the position of the moon, our star sign, monthly female discomforts, solar flares, malnutrition, or whatever it is that interrupts our electro-magnetic vibration. The swings are just a fact of life.

Generally, when your intention, focus and feelings are on not having enough money, you will create more of that do-not-want stuff. That's the LOA in action.

On the other hand, when you have assessed what it is that you do not want -no money- and have come up with a desire and a plan for getting what you do want -money!- you have created enormous forward momentum in your life, and have set the wheels of creation in motion. There isn't much that is going to stop you, really. The only “thing" that can stop you is a total reversal of your desire, letting it go completely and wallowing in your misery from then on. That will prevent you from attaining your goal. The “thing" that stops it is your thoughts and feelings!

When you have set the wheels of creation in motion, a temporary set-back isn't going to reverse or undo your desire completely. It will -at worst- slow the realisation of it down.

Liken it to driving a car. When you have plotted your desired destination, have put the car in gear and have released the clutch, you are making progress towards your goal! Occasionally pulling the handbrake (feeling bad) will definitely slow the car down, but will not stop you from reaching your desired location. As long as you keep your foot on the accelerator and shift gears (feeling good), you'll make progress. The only way you will never make it is slamming the brakes and keeping them slammed, or turning the wheel in a completely different direction.

I even say that resistance or feeling bad occasionally is a necessary “good" -not an evil!- for creation of our desires. Stepping out of our comfort zone into a new direction means we will challenge our own previously set boundaries, and will stir up our ego-identity. That, in turn, means we will meet with resistance, as the thing that the ego does not like is CHANGE. The mere fact that we encounter resistance must mean, therefore, that we are actually changing, which is great! Embrace the resistance! You are moving into new directions!

Christopher Howard, an expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming, puts is this way: "what do you do when you hit an obstacle?? You get EXCITED!!!" And I totally agree.

Stay focused on your desires, feel as good as you can about them and about life in general, and embrace the occasional resistance you will surely meet along the way. It will only tell you you are on the right track! Your desires are on the way to you. Be patient, expect the results to come, and enjoy the ride!

Marc is a certified life/business coach, master NLP Practitioner and Body Stress Release Practitioner on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

He is among Australia's Law of Attraction (LOA) experts, and coaches/mentors internationally with the LOA principles. Marc inspires his clients to find out what has been hindering them all along in achieving what they want, and to then make the conscious choice to take their lives and/or careers to the next level.

Having been a lawyer for nearly 6 years in his “previous life”, before immigrating to Australia from The Netherlands, Marc knows exactly how daunting taking the first step in a new direction can be. On the other hand, he also knows how fulfilling taking that step is, and has the knack of imparting his knowledge and wisdom in a stunningly simple and highly effective way.

Visit http://www.landmarc.info , or email him at marc@landmarc.info to arrange a complimentary face-to-face or phone mentoring session!


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