Causes of Job Stress and How to Cope

Eartha Haines

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Most jobs come with a certain amount of stress. Even business owners deal with stressful situations. However, many people deal with high stress jobs on a daily basis. The causes of job stress can be caused from several factors. A pushy boss, demanding deadlines, work overload, just to name a few. These scenarios can cause any person's blood to rise!

The most common cause of job stress is usually the work itself. Particularly when you are a good employee and good at what you do, it's not uncommon for work to pile up because you're the one your co-workers depend on. Sometimes the stress can become so much that you may end up quitting your job.

Depending on your job, quitting doesn't have to be the last resort if you do like where you work. Here are a few options to consider before calling it quits.

Go Easy On Yourself
Sometimes the biggest demands placed on you are put there by yourself. When you are faced with a huge workload, remember that the work will still be there tomorrow. Do what you can and realize that whatever you don't finish can be worked on the next day. Easier said than done I know, but looking back, the many times that I found myself stressing at my previous job was caused by me. Many times when I met a deadline much sooner than expected, the project was often pushed back to a new due date for no good reason. All after I placed an overwhelming amount of stress on myself to get done early.

Talk to HR
Large companies tend to have an HR (Human Resources) Department with someone designated to be the “go to" person for any employee issues. You can speak with them on a personal level and share as much or as little information as you need to help resolve your issue. It helps to get your stress out in the open because many times, you are not the only one experiencing stress. HR may decide to step in and hire outside consultants who are experts in work related stress.

Share Your Workload
Unless you are the only one working in your department you can usually find someone who can help share your workload. Don't wait until you are about to explode before you let your boss know that you have too much on your plate. It's better to speak up right away, otherwise when deadlines are missed, others will turn to you and ask why you didn't seek help sooner.

Dealing with stress is something that can't be denied. Remember not to let yourself become so stressed out at work that it begins to take a physical toll on your body. Take time out for yourself during the day. Take advantage of you breaks and lunch hour to relax. Also leave work at work once you make it home at the end of the day. Your leisure time is your time.

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5 Techniques to Cope With Stress in Your Life
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