I Can't Commit An Hour A Day

Gordon Bryan

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Committing an hour a day to your goal is one of the strongest techniques in goal achievement. As with most of the steps to achieve any goal, it may sound glaringly obvious that if you spend a minimum of 1 solid hours a day working towards your goal, you will make progress. In fact, you will make *leaps and bounds* towards your goal which you never would have thought possible, so why do most people not do it?

I was talking to someone about this the other day. I was talking to her about another article I had written about how astronauts spending 6 months in space have to do 2 hours workout every day just so their body can keep up with the effort our body makes to move in the gravity of earth. That's 2 hours every day for 6 months, not make progress, but just to keep up!

After making the point to my friend, she came up with a response that I often hear, and it's a perfectly natural one - ‘I'm wary of committing, or cannot commit 1 hour every day. '

Here's my answer to that thought. . .

'You say you can't commit an hour every day, or are wary of making the commitment, but you already *do* commit hour after hour, day after day!'

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and believe me, you commit plenty of those towards goal achievement, it's just that you don't know it! The trick is to do an analysis of what you commit your hours to, what are the goals that you have been inadvertently working towards?

Once you've done this, you can decide if those goals are ones you want to stick with, or if some of those committed hours can be diverted to your desired goal.

Remember, I'm only suggesting 1 hour a day!

If after an honest assessment of what you send your time on, you still think you cannot give a solid 1 hour daily to your goal, the next step is to ask someone else to do the same analysis with you. It needs to be someone who will be honest with you about it.

If this still doesn't produce a daily 1 hour slot for your goal, then it is unlikely your goal will come to pass. This brings in 2 more theories that I have always used, and write about in my book - responsibility and acceptance.

Take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your time. If you honestly haven't got this hour to spare, don't blame others. Don't blame yourself either, but take responsibility about your situation, and be prepared to change if it needed.

Then there is acceptance. Accept that your goal will not happen, and fully understand the reason why. Accept that you have decided to not take the necessary steps. This isn't a bad or negative thing, in fact it's the opposite.

It can lead to a happier life, because you have accepted the circumstance after proper consideration, and have also accepted that ultimately, the possibility for change is in your hands!

Gordon Bryan is the author of ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’ which has been described as ‘motivational magic. ’ Read about it and grab his free 8 Step Goal Achievement Plan at: http://www.transformyourlifenow.com


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