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Tim Connor

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Are you feeling stressed, out of balance, or missing some of the joy in life you feel you deserve or want?

Life can be a very complicated process. It is full of obligations, plans, goals, needs, expectations of others, problems, pressures, stressors, opportunities and a variety of projects, activities, and stuff in general. As I have traveled through life, I have discovered that most people add to the already complicated nature of life with a number of emotional and physical attachments that inhibit a sense of balance, harmony and joy.

Simplifying life can range from an arduous task to a delightful process – it depends a great deal on what you want from life and to what you may be attached.

There are a number of books out today on the merits and virtues of the simple life. Some advocate moving to a small cabin in the woods without modern conveniences, while others recommend cleaning out your closet.

What are the purpose and the benefits of simplifying life? This process can:
1. Reduce your stress.
2. Save you money.
3. Allow you to have more fun.
4. Give you more free time.
5. Increase your joy.
6. Permit you to enjoy the present moments of your life more.
7. Increase your harmony with others and the universe.
8. Save you time.
9. Lower your anxiety levels.
10. Reduce your frustration.

What can you do to simplify some areas of your life? These include, but are not limited to, your:

  • home or living space.
  • work area or business.
  • relationships.
  • career.
  • interests.
  • obligations.
  • expectations.
  • needs.
  • routines.
  • others (add to the list).

    Tim Connor, CSP is an internationally renowned sales, management and leadership speaker, trainer and best selling author. Since 1981 he has given over 3500 presentations in 21 countries on a variety of sales, management, leadership and relationship topics. He is the best selling author of over 60 books including; Soft Sell, That’s Life, Peace Of Mind, 81 Challenges Managers Face and Your First Year In Sales. He is also the CEO of Sales Clubs Of America. He can be reached at , 704-895-1230 or visit his websites at or

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