Changing Negative to Positive Thoughts


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Positive thoughts equal positive results. It's been proven time and again throughout the ages by some of the most successful people we have come to know. From as far back as time records people have used positive thinking to change the course of their lives, to change the circumstances of their position and improve themselves in any and all areas.

The act of changing the way you think sounds so simple, so easy to implement that once you get into the habit and realize what power positive thinking holds, you'll wonder why you hadn't taken on the practice earlier in your life. Perhaps the most common reason people do not take on the task of thinking in a positive way is that it takes an action on their part, and sometimes the action needs to be a massive action.

If a person goes through the entirety of their life in a negative state of mind, it becomes ingrained into their soul and becomes who they are. Thus, taking the action to revert that thinking into positive thinking becomes an action that at times can seem futile. A person this deep in negative thinking actually turns the prospect of positive thought into a negative, it becomes a burden to them and they stay in the rut.

One of the easiest ways to combat the negative thoughts that sometimes attempt encroachments in your mind is to recognize that it's a thought that you don't want there and immediately replace it with a positive thought of the same nature. Do this whether that negative thought is a real thing currently in your life, whether it's something that could happen or if it's something that has happened.

If that negative beast is something that is currently going on in your life, the positive thought you replace it with should be a thought of how you'd prefer that specific situation to be. Perhaps a thought comes in your mind about how far behind you are on a specific bill, picture in your mind the bill and the amount it is. Now change it. Instead of showing a large balance owed, change the picture in your mind to show a zero balance.

Now picture yourself holding that zeroed out bill in your hand, look at that smile on your face and the feeling of elation in your soul. Keep that visualization in your mind for a while, keep there for as long as you possibly can and revel in the positive feelings it's generating in you right now.

Don't you feel better now? Aren't you more ready to take on whatever task you were in the middle of when that nasty tried coming into your thoughts? It works and after time it will become a mere habit to change all of your thoughts into positive thoughts. You can feel all those great feelings all of the time and with this positive frame of mind you will be able to accomplish anything.

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Positive Thoughts Equal a Positive Attitude
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