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Cyrus Uible

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There’s been a lot of hype in the media this year about atheism. There have been at least two top ten books written and it seems that Christianity is on the defensive just about everywhere.

But do we really have to defend God? The atheists out there are not causing me to lose my faith but they do make me wonder if I should be doing something. I’m not thinking about convincing people who don’t believe in God to do so, but I’m thinking more about the people who are on the fence and who after reading a popular book decide that there is in fact no God. Should I be doing something to try and reach these people?

I imagine that God looks at us (atheists, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, and everyone else) and thinks…"Yep, just like I planned. " We’ll of course it’s just like He planned. He created the universe and all of time and space and infinite possibility is like a single point to God.

So if it’s all according to His plan, should someone step in and write another book on God’s behalf in order to rebuff best selling books like The God Delusion, or The End of Faith. I did a search on Amazon for “atheism". It yielded 23,132 results. A similar search for “God" reveals 356,925. Score one for God. So maybe my book wouldn’t exactly tip the scales. That 356,926th book probably wouldn’t do much for bumping up the Amazon.com stats anyway.

For me, God is love and faith. He is totally outside of reason and science. There is incredible power in the universe that we do not yet understand and cannot be measured by scientific means because they exist on other planes or dimensions. Only our thoughts, emotions and faith can operate in this space. You soul and your spirit operate here as well. It is where heaven and hell exist. It’s where God no longer needs to be proven because His presence is so self-evident. The funny thing is that this world is our world. It’s just another layer of our same world that can’t be measured by our temperatures, heights, widths and seconds.

Once in a while, the God realm spills over. A great miracle happens. Jesus is born and then raised from the dead. Angels will make an appearance. Or something really bizarre will happen for which there is absolutely no scientific explanation. These are actually big spillovers, but there can be small ones too. Just try applying the faith principle. Don’t believe in God? Just ask God to reveal himself to you in a way that you will have no doubt about his existence. And then sit back and observe.

God is quite capable of defending Himself.


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