Is Drinking Actually An Addiction?

Trevor Kugler

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I stopped drinking quite a while ago and I can't help but ask this question to myself anytime I hear someone saying that drinking is an addiction. Or should I say, becomes an addiction, because of course nothing is an addiction in the beginning. My father was an alcoholic and for most of my adult life I heard that because he was an alcoholic, there was a better than average chance I was going to be one also. I never bought into this line of logic. I know, you can cite many studies that will prove otherwise, but let me remind you, I can find a study somewhere that will ‘prove’ that Elvis is still alive, so chill out for a moment.

I started drinking when I was eighteen years old. Before I was eighteen I had no interest in drinking, because I was an athlete with college sports aspirations. And contrary to popular belief, drinking doesn't usually work well with athletics. So I just didn't do it. Then my division one college aspirations came to a screeching halt, and drinking became what I thought was a great way to pass the time.

This trend, of drinking being a great way to pass the time, continued for the next TWELVE years. I capitalized the word twelve because it seems as if it took about an hour and a half for twelve years to pass! Now that I'm sober again and look back, that's how it feels. Did I ever drink all day, or have a drink when I woke up in the morning? No, but I did drink on most days. And for the last seven or eight of those twelve years I drank at least six beers on most days. The average was probably more like eight to twelve, but who's counting?

Then my daughter was born and it all changed. I didn't want to drink anymore. Sure, it started with the thought of just cutting down to the consumption of a “normal person", but after stopping for a couple of weeks I realized that I had been self medicating myself with alcohol for most of my adult life. The biggest reason that I wanted to stop was that I knew deep down in the core of my being that drinking alcohol wasn't at all cool, and I simply couldn't be the guy who tells their daughter not to drink when that's exactly what I did. I wanted to be the guy who could tell stories about how he used to drink, and most importantly WHY he chooses not to anymore.

So I stopped drinking. A guy who drank six to twelve beers a day, and even more if I was really “feeling it", stopped. I didn't have any withdrawals or anything. The only thing I had were realizations about how I was and what I used to do. So now I have to ask the question, “Is drinking really an addiction?", because is sure doesn't seem like it to me. And I most certainly drank enough and for long enough to become ‘addicted’. The biggest thing that I've realized, for me, is that drinking was about behaviors. I got so used to the behaviors that they seemed normal. Drinking had become “normal" to me.

To me it's a funny thing, because now the idea of going into a bar just sounds stupid. What am I going to do? Sit around with a couple of other people and pontificate about the affairs of the day or my perceived problems? No, not any more, I spent twelve years doing just that and have realized that such activities accomplished absolutely nothing.

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