The Truth About How Your Every Word Have An Effect On You


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Do you speak effectively in your daily life? Do not be mistaken, I am not referring to you giving a speech or a lecture to a large audience. I am referring to your daily communication with your friends, family members, colleagues or anyone that you come in contact with.

Do not be surprise if I tell you that you are indeed an effective speaker. Do you know that everything you say has an effect on everybody that hears it? The effect you give to people depends on what you say to them.

If you crack a joke, you will probably bring laugher to people. If you utter angry words, you will probably create some fear or resentment in people. These are the effects that you can bring about to people. However, if you exhibit love and charity, you will probably induce a warm glow in other people. If you pay compliment to people, you will probably increase the self-appreciation of other people.

So, as can you see, every word that you speak has an effect on the listeners. Do you see the point here? I believe you could, wait a moment, where does all the words come from? It came from your own month of course! So what does that mean? It means that, every word you speak, regardless to who, where and when, you will hear it as well. You are the only person that hears everything that you have said since the day you can speak. Do you realize that? Is this a shocking truth to you? So what if that is the case?

In your many years on earth, you have spoke to many people and you will continue to speak to even more people ahead of you. Every person that came into contract with you will only hear a part of your speech. But you personally will hear every single word throughout the ages.

Therefore, the small amount of effect that you impinge on an individual will be a cumulative effect that you will have upon yourself. You can think of this as, if you point a finger at someone, you are pointing three fingers to yourself.

Words are powerful. Do not fool around with them. If you ever hear a powerful speaker speaks, it can really move the masses. Words definitely have the effect on molding your life. If you desire to be a prosperous person, do not keep saying that you are poor. What you are doing is that you are also making other people feel poverty stricken as well. Worst still, the effect will be on you at a cumulative rate.

If you are feeling sick, do not keep discussing about your sickness to other people. Say it once or twice will do after you have sought treatment. Remember, everyone that hears you will have an impact, but you are at the loosing end as your body receives the whole effect of everything you say.

By this stage, I believe you will agree that other people are effected by what you say. Therefore, if you will, make an effort to say kind words at appropriate time and it will uplift somebody’s life.

As you will be hearing all the words you say, the kind words that you say will surely uplift your own life as this has a reciprocal effect. Since you are also the recipient, the cumulative effect of every kind and loving words that you speak will impinge on yourself as well.

By doing that, you are then molding your own life far more than you affect the life of others. By your very own words, the effect that you have on other people is brought back into you in a cumulative form. This is what we call, do unto others what you want others to do unto you, and it shall be done unto you.

Finally, you can cultivate and nurture your own life by the every word you speak. Always remember, you hear every word you speak. Your audience can selectively hear what you say, but you cannot. So, be careful with your speech today. Discover how you can lead a more fulfilling life at the Motivational and Inspirational website.

John Peace. Special Interest in Motivational and Inspiration subjects. Discover the secret of 30 years quest to unlock the secret to Andrew Carnegie's success formula . . . at The Missing Puzzles.

(Principles learned from Dr.Robert Anthony's teaching)


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