The Blessing of Christmas Presence

Tony Cuckson

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In Corrogue I am All One.

It is fast approaching Christmas, which is one of my favourite times of the year. It has, as many of us are aware become, not so much a holiday, as a time of over indulgence and increased stress. This is when many of us are thrown together with those we love and do not love. Often the shadows of loneliness, separateness, anger and guilt are thrown up at this time. At this darkest time of the year Christmas is intended to remind us that there will soon come again the return of the light.

This is a time when many of us feel the pressure of money and the pressure to buy presents for friends and family. We give but our giving is conditional. Often our giving is done as much in expectation that we receive. A lot of what is given adds little to the sum of human consciousness. We give presents but we do not give our presence. We do not give of the essence that we are. We do this as compensation because we have forgotten the beauty that we are.

You can amass presents at Christmas or at any time but these will come and go.

What will not go, and does not ever go, is the pre-essence that you are. When you know this then you are at peace. You become as the wonderful Irish Blessing says “the peace of the running wave. " Then you, like the child’s birth celebrated at Christmas time, become a princ(ess) of peace that passeth understanding. This is not a peace that is defined as the absence of conflict. It is the peace of non-separateness, the peace of All One, the peace of at-one-ment. This is the only gift worth knowing but it is not a gift of knowledge. This gift can be felt but cannot explained in words alone.

This present of presence that you are is the gift that nothing in this world of time and space can match. You could gain the whole world, you could gain many worlds but without the knowing of your birthless/deathless essence these presents of things will not alleviate your existential fear, which is the fear of death.

The greatest gift that you can give is the gift of SELF. This is not the gift of ‘little me’ but the gift of that which you are beyond any limited form, including thoughts and emotions. Of course, you will ask, “But if I am not my thoughts, my emotions, or past experience, all the things I have done and achieved, then who will I be?"

You will be the radiant being that you are and always will be but you will not be within time.

In this world of form you cannot have the time of your life. You may have at best some lasting satisfaction. You can only have the time of your life when the ego is absent. When the ego that is the false illusory self is gone, you will be the joy of life eternal. Eternity is not a long time but is outside of time. To be within time is to have a beginning, middle and end.

The logical mind, the limited human mind, cannot comprehend the timeless. This is because it is structured to think in opposites. So it says that because there was a beginning there always has to be an end. This is what we say is knowledge, but it is not the vast intelligence of creation called knowing.

Knowing is paradoxical.

In knowing, the knower and that which is known are One. Within this state of knowing you can say that you are and you are not at the same time without fear of contradiction. Knowing is certain. It is not open for debate. It cannot be reduced to a concept of language within time and space. Knowing cannot be made into knowledge. You cannot do knowing. It is not something to be acquired as knowledge.

You can only learn to know by learning what it is to be. Being and knowing of the timeless are two sides of the same coin. With knowing all fear disappears. How can one be afraid of the All One that you are? It would be like saying that God was afraid of God or that Love feared Love.

This knowing of presence rather than the giving of presents is the love that the child Jesus came into form to remind each of us of. This is the Love that transforms the world. You don’t have to be a Christian to hear such a message. You only have to be someone who wants to come home to joy. The experience that is the experience of Christ is not personal to the man named Jesus. The experience of Christ consciousness is not a personal experience. Christ consciousness is a transcendental knowing of Oneness.

This knowing which is Love comes through from the invisible world into the world of form.

It is not the Love we identify with as being ‘my love’ when we view ourselves as mind, body and emotions. It is not the love that we often long to find in relationship with another within the limited boundary of time. The Love that emanates from a Christ, a Buddha, a Krishna or a Mohammed is not a personal love but Love that is the experience of knowing life as life beyond the separate identity we call ‘little me. ’ This is what I call ‘the real life. It is life but not life as most of us know it.

This knowing of life as life is what it means to live Christmas the whole year round.

This giving of our presence is a natural state. Look at nature. She gives and gives and gives. Look at the way in which this planet continues to give and give while we in our false identification with mind and form destroy her. When we wake up to knowing who we are – or enough of us wake up to this - then this world will end as an illusory place of separation.

This is what it really means when we are told in the bible that the world will come to an end. The ending of this world was always going to be. All that is born in time dies. It may take millions and millions of years but the beginning and ending of any form is always within time. This applies to stars and worlds as it does to every thing else.

The end of the world that the child born at Christmas talks about, and all mystics talk about, is the end of the illusory world of separateness. This is the world wherein the average human being walks around thinking they are only a ‘me’ living as a collection of past thoughts and emotions and hopes for the future. The end of the world spoken about by the child born at the return of the light is the end of the world of ‘me’ and ‘mine. ’ It is the end of the ego who thinks and feels separate from all the others called ‘me’ and ‘mine. ’ It is the new world where consiousness recognises itself as the oneness it is.

When enough of us know this real life of non-separateness then there will be a new world where the knowing of Love allows all to be As One. Then the lion will lie down with the lamb. Then the knower is not separate from the known. Then there will truly be peace on earth because the heaven of who you are and always are is known and then acts in the world of form.

At this Christmas time of present giving learn to know that to be present as presence is the most beautiful gift you can ever give.

In this way you alleviate suffering and the primary cause of suffering which is the idea of being separate. You cut through illusion and loneliness. By your presence you become a doorway into the timeless state beyond life and death. In this state, you as ‘little me’ are not that important as you enter the grace of no-thing that is the everything beyond beginning or end. This is the place that we call in Ireland Tir Na Nog. This is the land of the forever young because in this land of beauty there is no beginning or end. You are this beauty without beginning or end. The only requriement is that you awake from the dream of separateness.

I leave you with a beautiful poem. Have a wonderful holiday and some time of silence. Silence as all mystics of all times tell us is the nearest thing to Love


I give you an emptiness,
I give you a plenitude,
unwrap them carefully –
one’s as fragile as the other –
and when you thank me
I’ll pretend not to notice the doubt in your voice
when you say they’re just what you wanted.

Put them on the table by your bed.
When you wake in the morning
they’ll have gone through the door of sleep
into your head. Wherever you go
they’ll go with you and
wherever you are you’ll wonder,
smiling about the fullness
you can’t add to and the emptiness
that you can fill.

Norman MacCaig
From Anam cara by John O`Donoghue

Let the fullness that you can’t add to be the present you give to the world. This is the greatest of all gifts. This allows for the real peace beyond separateness to manifest in this world of form. When you know who you are then the Blessing is already here and you are the knowing of it.

Merry Christmas everyone.

©2006 Tony Cuckson

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