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Using the right tool to perform the intended job is the best policy. You can see what results you will get if you try cutting a turkey with a penknife or hammering a nail into the wood with a can drink. Common sense will tell you that it will not be as effective as it should be, though it may work. I believe you will manage your home or office with the most appropriate tools you can find and afford as far as possible.

If you care to pay attention to use the best tool to help you achieve your tasks, then what about your life? What tool do you need for your life? What tool do you already have to help you live a fulfilled life? It is a known fact that whatever you do, such as the thought you think, the word you speak, the deed you do and everything you possesses, it has an effect upon your physical body. This in turn determines the environment and the kind of people that will be drawn to you. However, at times, you many create something that is undesirable to yourself unconsciously and you may not be award of it. All these got to do with using the right tool for your life.

Do you know that you are a great creator? If you care to take a little time to ponder, see how many things you have created, either big or small, good or bad. You can attribute your creation capability to your own chamber of imagery and thoughts. In this wonderful chamber, it contains all the materials that you use to create things. Usually, the tool that you use to create your own thoughts is your imaging power, which you can call it imagination. The ability to imagine is fully under your control and direction. This is the tool that you already possessed.

The ability to imagine is a very power tool. According to the law, whatever you imagine, it will bring forth to reality according to the mental pictures and patterns you hold mentally. So as far as possible, only hold on to positive mental pictures if you want positive results in your life.

The best way to hold only positive mental pictures is to prevent those negative mental pictures from getting in. You got to get rid of those negative mental pictures once it get into your mind. You must get rid of it before it sinks deep into your mind. Once the negative mental pictures gets into you, that is the moment where the thoughts are the weakest. It is the best time to get rid of it immediately. Not later but immediately.

You must act as a faithful guardian of thoughts and a vigilant guardsman where you only allows constructive and positive thoughts to get into your mind. Be very strict about it. You have the ability to do this. Exercise it or you will open the floodgate of letting in negative thoughts effortlessly.

Negative thoughts are destructive to your life and that is why it is extremely important you exercise conscious control over your thoughts. Remember, every thoughts, positive or negative, will have an effects in your life. If you want to change or improve your life, the most powerful way is to change the way you think. Not wishful thinking but constructive thinking.

Do you often say negative things like, “I cannot, I am not well, I am too sick, I am too poor, I am under privilege. etc?" Then you are denying yourself the power, health and prosperity, which is rightfully yours. Negative thoughts such as envy, malice, jealousy, anger, pride, hypocrisy, hate may cause your body to suffer disharmony and diseases.

You go about buying the best tool for your intended tasks but what about the most powerful tool that you already possessed? Did you use it effectively? Use your imagery tool wisely today and say, “I am felling well, I have abundance, I have limitless energy. I am at peace with my world and with all men, " you will then open up a brand new way for health, success and happiness. Try it today, you have nothing to loose.

When you feel good and are loving and kind, and if you treat all men and women honestly, charitably, you will soon experience yourself in the kingdom of all good and kindness. Life will indeed be rich and rewarding for you. Use the most powerful tool within you today-your imagery tool. For more information on how to use your imager tool, you may want to refer to Motivational and Inspirational website .

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(Principles learned from Dr.Robert Anthony's teaching.)


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