What are the Goals of Anger Management?


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Anger management has two main goals: 1) helping you reduce your anger emotions and 2) controlling the triggers of your anger and violence. It's important to know that you won't get cured, but you will be educated on how to control yourself. Many people take anger management as a solution. However, this can be misleading since you cannot become a different person if you don't choose to change. Some people will go to anger management classes because they have been ordered by the court to do so. Unfortunately, some will act like they saw the light when they are in fact simply playing a game.

These people who tend to twist things so that you always seem wrong and play mind games have a personality known as passive aggressive. Do you know a person who has that kind of personality? They can be calm, but at the same time enraged.

They can speak softly, but use a threatening tone that scares others. Of all the personalities, passive aggressive is the worst kind because with a passive aggressive person you never know what they will do next. Anything can set them off, so you will never know what to do or not to do and what to say or not to say. They may be violent both by words and by force. Passive aggressive people tend to convince others that everything is their fault and they often try to fool others.

If anger management will not cure a person, it will certainly show them the light. However, no one can force them to follow the rules. You have a choice: learn to control yourself and listen or block everything out. The first question you need to answer is how do you know if you need anger management? You won't be surprised to learn that passive aggressive people are the worst when it comes to voluntarily get anger management help. Passive aggressive people tend to try to control everything while aggressive people look at the physical need to enforce someone.

In management classes, the passive aggressive person doesn't have any control. This makes this person even worse and eventually blow up due to the lack of control. Usually, this is the kind of situation when their actions go from scary to frightening. However, if they are genuinely and really trying to manage their aggression, then anger management can work. Be careful however because these types of people can fool the best. In some extent, they are almost like pathological liars.

Can anger management be the solution for a passive aggressive person? Maybe. It depends on the attitudes of the person toward the classes. If they really want to change, these people will give all they've got to the class and make a conscious effort to improve. However, if they are being forced into the classes, like following a court order, it probably won't work because they don't want it to. One of the most difficult thing for a passive aggressive people is to give up control. There's no doubt that anger management is what they need. A class that specializes in passive aggressive behavior would be even more beneficial.

In an anger management class, it's easy to spot the passive aggressive people because they are bragging. In fact, if you brag in your speech about your behavior instead of feeling guilty there's a good chance you're a passive aggressive person. It won't take long for doctors in the management classes to pick out the passive aggressive behavior and they will pay very close attention to them because they know that they are unpredictable.

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