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I Dare You!

Imagine sitting in law school and being handed a note calling you to the Dean’s office. You are in the first semester, and every class is a head banger. Now I am being sent to the principal’s office.

Dean Reppy: Don’t sit down. Son, have you considered joining the wonderful

world of plumbing?

Me: Never did, I want to be a lawyer.

Dean: You must not be happy here because your instructors have you on

their must-watch-list. You are consistently behind in handing in your

class assignments.

Me: Twenty-five cases to read and brief daily does present a challenge.

Dean: You have 8 weeks to change my mind. Remember, plumbing is an

ancient and honorable profession.

Me: I will work harder Dean – I’ll try anything.

Dean: Here is the telephone number of the #1 speed reading workshop.

Consider it part of your Bar Review preparation.

Me: Speed reading – exacting what I was thinking – Sir.

Dean: If you receive a monkey wrench in the mail - sonny. Now get the hell

out of my office.

Do you believe in personal miracles? Not me or I would have attended a seminary. I worked at this speed reading course one-hour daily in addition to briefing the 25 cases. I hated both of them and plumbing was looking better and better.

After 4 weeks no miracle occurred, but now I was holding my own.

Eight weeks later I sat for my exams and aced all five. I picked up a Bible.

A few years later I passed the bar on the first crack. Dean Reppy never mailed me a monkey wrench. I am still speed reading each and every day. Check it out.

copyright © 2006 H. Bernard Wechsler

Author of Speed Reading For Professionals. Partner with Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading, graduating 2 million, including the White House staff of four U. S. Presidents.

Interviewed in 2006 for articles in the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine.


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