The Soul Will Take Care of Itself

Roy Klienwachter

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If you come from perfection and you are going back to perfection-then, is what you experience in between-imperfection? Of course it is not!

The experience of being imperfect is an illusion-a thought manifested into an experience that would seem to be imperfect.

Imperfection can only be imagined. That which is perfect will always be perfect-it cannot be anything else. You are a creature of perfection experiencing all forms of perfection, and so called imperfection.

Imperfection is contrived by humanity because it cannot accept responsibility for being perfect. Perfection is an end, a place to go because man does not see the perfection in himself-he is always trying to get there. Humanity does not recognize the eternal connection that it has with perfection.

Man does not see the perfection is physical things like theft, killing, rape, greed, lying, cheating, infidelity, mental illness or deformity. Man does not see the perfection in all the things that he does, imagines or creates.

Religion has condemned these things in a futile effort to free man from earthly things. Religion forces man to look away from that which he is now, to something that he thinks he might be in the future-in another realm. But there is perfection is being a thief as much as there is perfection in being a saint. They are both aspects of the same thing, although one of them may be more desirable than the other.

Humanity is in the physical world to experience it fully. By focusing one's attention in a possible future realm that may or may not be experienced, he is missing the opportunity to experience fully the place that he now finds himself. It is absolutely perfect that you are now here. This is the place you have chosen, and this is the place you need to focus your experience. The only understanding that you need about the future is that you will get there, dead or alive. The future always takes care of itself. It is the present that you are here to experience. It is humanity that is going to punish you for social disobedience, not God. You are God-you are perfection-you are God manifested in human form to experience all the things that you can imagine, “good or bad. "

Consequences are experiences that happen when you go against the laws of nature. Punishments are what you experience when you go against the laws of man.

The church and other religious institutions want you to think of your future in Heaven or Hell so that you will modify your actions in the present. In any society there must be order because it is for the good of the individual and the whole. The issue I have is that religious morality is defined not by God per se, but by appointed representatives of a God that does not exist externally. It is God himself creating another false God in order to speak through the hearts of man. If man would speak for himself he would be much more advanced than he is today. If man took responsibility for whom and what he really is, he would not have to look for God. Nor would he have to look to death to get back to himself. If fact there would be no other place that he would have to be.

Your life in any form does not begin in the future-it is now-and your soul will take care of itself. You do not have to prepare for death or another world. You do not have to qualify to enter Heaven or Hell. You are the creator of these places and you are experiencing them now in this world. You can move from these places when your own evolution has advanced enough and you are able to accept the responsibility of your new awareness and power.

You will move away from the crimes of humanity when you find that they do not work for you any longer. When you find that they do not take you to the next step. When you find that you are powerless to get there doing what you are now.

Humanity needs to move away from these failed concepts of “right and wrong" and “good and bad. " They do not allow us the freedom to take us to a higher level. Fear and guilt are conscripts of these thoughts and they hold us back. When we realize that we have the freedom and power to become much better than what we are now-not in some other realm or time-we will naturally try to achieve it.

When we replace these thoughts with “what works and what does not work" for us, we will tear away at the paper bindings that are holding us back. We will automatically be advanced into a place of enlightenment, new power, and freedom.

Your soul will take care of itself-it does not need your concern-it does not need to be redeemed. It only needs for you to experience the place that you find yourself in now. You are already where you want to be or you wouldn't be here. With this awareness you will experience yourself fully-as God would have it-as you would have it-because you are of the same mind. You can be mindful of this experience or mindless, and that is a choice you make every day.

Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. A published author, a student of NLP, ordained minister, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy's books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination, and take you to places you would never have thought about.

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