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Many people believe that having an abundance of money is the ultimate key to success. Many people believe that money is hard to earn, you have to have money to make more money, that lucky people have money. The common beliefs about money, prosperity and success really should be thrown right out the window. Think about this for a minute, if the common beliefs about success are so true, then why isn’t everyone rich? Why aren’t we all sipping champagne in our mansions? The truth is that the popular opinions and beliefs regarding prosperity are total misconceptions. The truth is that money is really only a simple method of exchange, the real value of money lies in what can be done with it. Another truth is that prosperity can be easily attracted once you know the secret rules and principles which govern it.

I mentioned that the true value of money comes from what it provides. Money itself is just paper and abstract notations but it offers things in this life which many people feel nothing else can provide. Freedom, the freedom to choose the type of life we want and need is represented by money. The freedom to choose where we want to live, what type of food we would like to eat, how many hours we want to work, what type of schools we want out children to attend, all of these choices and thousands more are wrapped up in dollar signs. Money equals freedom to make choices. Without money our choices are limited. Without money we are forced to eat government cheese, we exist but we don’t really live, we are forced to settle for a life of mediocrity. Or are we? Can the freedom of choice be found in other ways? Is gaining money the only method available to us for creating change, for having more choices in life?

Changing our beliefs about money and prosperity can provide us with more choices in life. Once we begin to see that choices are available to us regardless of the size of our bank accounts, we begin to understand that the value represented by money is a simple thing to have. We enter into a way of thinking that draws prosperity to us, that creates opportunities, that allows us to gain a sense of freedom. There is a curious side affect to this way of thinking and that is that money comes to us as result in this shift in our beliefs.

Stop for a minute and think about how limiting it is to feel that your freedom to choose the course of your life has been stripped away. Popular beliefs about money and success have done exactly that. As soon as you fall into the trap of thinking that your choices are limited, you cripple yourself. There are always choices available to you. No matter what your circumstances are right now, there are choices to be had, there are options, there are paths to take. Remember, the real value in money is that it enables us to have the freedom to make choices.

Forget everything you have ever heard about the habits and philosophies of the rich and famous. Forget everything that you have ever heard in any get rich quick seminar or anything that you have heard about success programming, abundance training or any other information which promises a sure-fire formula for success. If this type of information had any merit whatsoever you would be rich already and so would everyone else in the world.

There’s only one thing that all prosperous, successful people have in common, just one simple thing that they all share. They believe that they have choices. They aren’t limited by circumstances. And this has nothing to do with how much money they have, even though they have mountains of it. It isn’t about money, it’s about beliefs. Every single successful person has had failures. The richest people on earth have all dealt with setbacks and disappointments, but they all believe in moving forward, in meeting challenges, in trying new things, and most importantly they have all held to the belief that they always have choices. Any other belief is secondary to this and any belief which doesn’t support this idea leads nowhere. Belief in choices is limitless and leads to a life full of abundance.

Shed the incredibly limiting beliefs that you have mistaken as truth. All that is Change your beliefs about limitations. Change your beliefs about your lack of choices and you will live a life of prosperity.

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