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Bilocation is the ability to exist simultaneously in two separate places. The double may appear in physical or spectral form, usually acts in a strange manner or somewhat mechanically and does not respond when spoken to. Bilocation differs from out of body experience in that a physical and spiritual double exists which interacts with other people and objects and is witnessed by others, whereas an out of body experience involves the consciousness exiting from the physical self without manifesting a physical form or viewable spiritual entity.

Although uncommon, the phenomenon of bilocation has been historically recorded. It is claimed to have been experienced, and in rare cases, practiced by will, by gurus, mystics, saints, monks, and magical adepts. Several Christian saints and monks were believed to have experienced bilocation such as Padre Pio of Italy, Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Ambrose of Milan and Saint Severus of Ravenna. In 1774 historical witness accounts describe Saint Alphonsus Maria de’Ligouri appearing at the bedside of dying Pope Clement XIV, when in fact Saint Alphonsus was confined to a prison cell at a location a five days journey away.

In mythology the notion of the doppelganger or double involves the existence of an evil twin. This ideas seems to parallel the concept of bilocation. Doppelgangers were believed to have been switched at birth, the good child being replaced with the evil. It is said that if the two should meet, then they will both perish.

Bilocation is also a mental state described by some practitioners of remote viewing. In this context it is believed that the remote viewer's attention or awareness is split in two so that half of the viewer's conscious attention is trained on a remote location and the other half is focused on the immediate environment.

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What is Bilocation
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