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Experts say that there are many different types of headache that have different causes. The most common triggers for headaches are usually lifestyle-related that include a person’s poor diet, periodic muscle tensions, and lack of regular physical activity or exercise.

Other serious causes may include development of brain tumors and other neurologically-related disorders. But, among these factors that trigger the problem, one factor is considered as the hardest to manage— varying stress levels.


Stress is nothing but a part and fact of nature. It is one of those factors that affect individuals caused by the ever-changing forces in the environment. Through the years, experts have found out that stress is one of the most common factors that trigger headaches that can either be physical or emotional.

One of the common forms of headaches caused by emotional stress is migraine headache. People who suffer from migraine usually experience stress cause by anxiety, worrying too much, shock, depression, over excitement, and overall mental fatigue.

Aside from drastic mood changes, repressed emotions can also lead to stress headache. Experts agree that stress also plays a big role in developing tension-type headache that are directly related to specific instances of increased worry and concern and can lead to more complications such as sleep disturbances.

In order to know if you are experiencing headache due to stress, check if you have shallow breathing, elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure, and increased levels of adrenaline. Stress headache can also be characterized by tightening of the tensioned muscles in the upper back, shoulders, neck, and head, lowered tolerance to pain, and ineffective painkillers.

Stress headache is indeed considered as the most common type of headache because two out of three people in the world have at least experience one tension headache in their lifetime. Since stress headaches are caused by too much stress a person goes through, the best way to combat it is to avoid a lifestyle filled out with stress.

Other treatment may include taking in medications such as over-the-counter painkillers like aspirin or paracetamol, indulging into relaxing activities such as a massage, diet changes and alterations eating habits, and taking in alternative therapies like acupuncture or chiropractic.

Other short-term treatments include indulgence to microcurrent (TENS) and magnetic therapy, heat treatment like hot baths, facial ice packs, soothing massage especially to the scalp, neck and shoulder areas, getting involved to stress-relieving activities like meditation or hypnosis, regular physical routine and winding up.

Long-term treatments may also include getting involved to aerobic exercises like cycling, swimming or walking, regular relaxation techniques, consultation with a registered psychologist to improve stress management, and taking in antidepressant medications. Aside from taking in prescription medication, you can also undergo stress management under licensed doctors, neurologists, chemists, and other professionals.

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