How Do You find Life Purpose?


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Purpose serves as a principle around which to organize our lives. Anonymous

I’ve said to my children several times ‘I hope you won’t let your school lessons get in the way of your education. ’ The first time I said this my words were met with the furrowed brow of bewilderment.

What did I mean?

I don’t believe you can learn what you need to learn about success with life while sitting in a classroom. I believe you become successful in life by experiencing events and using your feelings about those events to gauge what you want more or less of.

Life is for living. Living is all about being in the mystery. The mystery is a rich adventure that has no rigid formats and is not focused on rights and wrongs, but on opportunity and possibility. What I discovered as I watch my children go through education, is that the mystery of life was becomes lost and a growing need for certainty and rightness rises.

But isn’t certainty and rightness what purpose is all about?

If we haven’t found purpose in our life, life will lack something - meaning. And without meaning we are lost. When we are lost nothing inspires us. Work will be a grind, time with friends will become an effort and, unless we become selective, the TV or other time-wasting device may well become our salvation.

Purpose, in my opinion, is about meaning and direction. When I say this I’m talking about your meaning and direction - not mine, not the direction of someone else, but yours. Your direction will be different. It will be unique to you.

What is “Life Purpose"?

“Life" is about living and “purpose" is about meaning. To live our life purpose we must find what is truly meaningful and live it. When we do this it is not so much about “what" we do, but “how".

How does that work?

If I am a writer, I could write about anything. But how I write and my reason - meaning - for writing is important. If I write Sci-fi, my reason is to provide release for my reader from the real world. If I write self-help, it is to inspire people to find something within them.

With life purpose it is never about what we get in return, but all about how we can serve others. When we’re living our life on-purpose - with deliberate meaning, we’re phased by less and can achieve more.

Love and Good Wishes,


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Goal Personal Planning Setting Success - How To Find A Purpose For Your Life!
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