How Stress Can Affect A Person's Personal And Work Life


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Over the last 25 years or so, stress has been getting to be more and more serious. There are many causes of stress - one of the most common is work-related stress. American workers report at least one day a week with high levels of stress at work, many report two or more of these days. This additional stress has been blamed on many things, including changes in family values, lack of social support and corporate greed that leads to larger and larger workloads.

The stress that we face today is worse than that of even 10 years ago. It can lead to a number of other health problems including high blood pressure, stomach problems and anxiety or panic disorders.

When a person experiences stress, their blood pressure, heart rate and blood flow all increase. Blood sugar rises to supply the body with more of the fuel it needs to combat stress. During stressful situations, the body is designed to move some of the blood away from the stomach to give our arms and legs additional strength. This added strength was originally designed to let us react with either a fight or flight response.

If these physical changes occur on a regular basis, they can lead to further physical problems and disorders. And unforunately, our body is not really designed to gauge the trigger of the stress - it will react in much the same way whether the stress is due to a disagreement with a family member or a dangerous event or situation.

When stress is brought on by working conditions, it not only has a negative effect on the person experiencing it, it also generally affects their productivity and the quality of their work. This can lead to further pressure, resulting in even more stress - a vicious circle than can be difficult to stop.

If you are dealing with a great deal of stress, it is best to seek professional help before it becomes too serious. The sooner it can be dealt with, the less likely you are to develop other illnesses brought on by stress.

Shane Baxter writes about identifying and treating stress, anxiety and panic disorder symptoms for the Anxiety Action website. For more helpful information and advice, visit


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