There Are Only Two Ways To Go Through Life

Tim Connor

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There are two ways to go through life: proactive and reactive. People who use the latter as their philosophy tend to:

-turn the responsibility for their life over to others.
-complain when life throws them a curve.
-expect life to be perfect and fair.
-lose their sense of purpose or vision.
-give up or give in too easily.

On the other hand people who live proactively tend to:

-take full responsibility for their life’s outcomes.
-see life as a game where you will win some and lose some.
-see adversity, problems, failure as a tool to get better, wiser and more

-create the life they believe is possible.
-expect life to be a challenge and not easy or fair.

The benefits of pro-active living are too numerous to mention but here are a few for your consideration. You will:
1. Live with less stress.
2. Get more done.
3. Have more fun.
4. Enjoy life more.
5. Accomplish more.
6. Have wider interests.
7. Have clearer goals.
8. Have greater wealth.
9. Enjoy better relationships.
10. Live with more peace and joy.
11. Achieve more in your career.
12. Have more friends.
13. Be better equipped to handle negative circumstances.

People who are in a constant stage of reaction are in a sense living life in auto-pilot never really living live to the fullest. Better to fail than to play it safe - it's more challenging but also more fun.

So how do you live more proactively? 1- Start. 2-Don’t quit or give in. 3- Trust yourself. 4 – Believe in abundance. 5- Let go of limitations. 6. Stretch. 7. Set big goals. 8. Never give up.

Tim Connor, CSP is an internationally renowned sales, management and leadership speaker, trainer and best selling author. Since 1981 he has given over 3500 presentations in 21 countries on a variety of sales, management, leadership and relationship topics. He is the best selling author of over 60 books including; Soft Sell, That’s Life, Peace Of Mind, 81 Challenges Managers Face and Your First Year In Sales. He can be reached at , 704-895-1230 or visit his website at


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