How to Communicate Efficiently


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Showing what you feel

Since we are living in the age of communications, it might be a good idea to make sure that you know how to communicate efficiently when you are face to face with someone or on the telephone.

This means knowing what to say, how to say it and last but not least, how to behave. The person to whom you are speaking can only judge you on what he hears and sees, so even if you are grateful, he will think you are ungrateful if you do not say thank you!



You may be meeting someone for the first time so you tell him, with a smile, exactly who you are: ‘Hello, my name is Maria Lindon, I’m the Marketing Manager assistant. ’ You may need to introduce someone to someone so you will say: ‘May I introduce John Milson? John, this is Peter, the principal of the Berkshire secondary school. ’ They will then shake hands and say: ‘How do you do?" or “Hello, pleased to meet you!"


You may be talking to a colleague or a client. It is important to show them that you are interested in what they are saying, so you look at them and not over their hands or at the ground. To show them that you are really listening and not thinking about what you are going to have for dinner, you participate in their speech by nodding and saying ‘mmm/really/oh’ now and then. When you want to comment, do not interrupt them aggressively before they have to got to the end of their sentence but wait until they stop to breathe or swallow, and then say something like ‘Mmm, if I might just interrupt you there, I’m not quite sure whether/that…’, to which they will probably say, ‘Oh?" which is the signal for you to develop your contribution to the discussion. It is better to explain your point of view and then add a ‘That is why I disagree’ rather than start by the disagreeable statement ‘I disagree’.

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