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Unconditional self-love has its own special vibration. It has a quiet, steady radiance which draws others to its light. Love is who and what we are. It is our natural state and the pure truth of our beingness.

Self love does not demand the love of others. An internal acceptance is sufficient. People with self love might doubt themselves from time to time but their sense of self worth consistently reverts to a balanced state. It is the ability to hold onto all that we are; our qualities and strengths, no matter what is going on around us. Respect, responsibility for self, and feeling good are important parts of this. Self-love means that our well-being matters to us, without equivocation.

Cultivating self love involves self-affirming thought and actions that lead to greater joy. What little things do that for you in your life? Inhaling crisp air on a cold winter day? Feeling the warm sun on your skin? Seeing fluffy clouds in the sky? Being hugged by someone special? Smelling the aroma of bread baking in the oven? Blowing bubbles? Going barefoot on newly mowed grass? Listening to the sound of rain on a roof? Go out and notice the things that make you feel good. It can make a huge difference in how you feel.

You may also find as you illuminate more self love you can give and receive love more easily; and that you feel better, happier, and more alive. Researchers found that this sense of ones own self worth (power) is a major reason optimists are healthier.

Know that you are beautiful. And, exactly who you are right now is who you are supposed to be!

Remember, a rainbow will never hide its umpteen colors, a rosemary bush would never suppress it's tranquilizing aroma and a cat wouldn't halt in the midst of an acrobatic leap out of concern that others around them might question or be uneasy with their magnificence.

Mary Kay is a natural healer, passionate that people discover simplicity and fulfillment in their everyday experiences. She facilitates live events and is available for private and phone consultations. Be sure to visit her website and sign up for her *FREE* Monthly Newsletter, which is filled with inspirational, motivational and helpful information on creating a life you truly love. If you want Mary Kay to speak at an event in your area or you want to contact her: call 702-239-5451 or e-mail


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