Types of Psychic Vampires


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A psychic vampire is any individual who saps the life energy from another human being. We may all at times play the role of the psychic vampire from time to time, when we are stressed or lonely, we may drain the life energy of those around us. There are people however who's personlaities and essences seem to drain the life force from everyone around them, these are psychic vampires. There are many types of these psychic vampires in existence today and their numbers seem to be growing. The following variety of psychic vampires are the most common.

Mimics The mimic is a type of psychic vampire who takes on the characteristics and mannerism of their victim. The ultimate goal of the mimic is to replace the life of the victim with a construct of its own, and in the process drain the life energy from the source. Mimics are naturally drawn to creative and inventive personality types as these offer a good source of unique life energies.

Emotional Energy Vampires There are three main forms of emotional vampires; First is the ever common emotionally needy person. This person may be a an every day human being who might have had trauma in their lives, they crave attention and emotional energy from others. They are often referred to as emotional leeches or energy sponges. These types of people are often, but not always incapable of having a normal and healthy relationship. Secondly are a group often known as the social vampires. These are the “Drama Queens". Extroverted, extravagant, boisterous, they feed on the energy gained from the attention of the crowds. The Third is the Psychic vampire that feeds on emotional and intellectual energy as well as life force or prana.

Sexual Vampire A *** vampire is a person who feeds on *** energy. They are sometimes called Tantric Vampires, as they tap into the very creation essence of the universe. With this type of feeding the other partner's very breath , sigh, moan, movement and caress is drawn upon for energy. In eastern practices tantric energy is a means by which one can achieve enlightenment, and connect with the energy of the universe, the energy of love and creation.

Elemental Vampires Elemental vampires seek out and absorb the energy of natural phenomena such as floods, blizzards, lightning storms, thunder storms, hurricanes, ocean tides, ley lines, waterfalls and other natural events and locations. Many of us have been drawn to the energy surrounding areas of the environment and weather such as rainfall, shorelines and thunderstorms. Energy is absorbed during these events and is perhaps the most common type of psychic vampirism today. This particular type of vampirism is rarely harmful to anyone but the vampire involved in absorbing the energy. Occasionally there have been reports of individuals being struck by lightning more than once in their life times. This may be evidence of an abnormally high level of individual natural energy absorption.

Symbiotic Energy Vampires A symbiotic energy vampire is a form of psychic vampire with the characteristic of surviving on the draining of only negative energy. For example, they will sometimes seek out and draw strength from a sickness in any human they come into contact with. In draining the negative energy a victim invariably feels better and is possibly even healthier. Symbiotics drain negative energy with intent but and do not usually wish to harm their victim or energy source. Symbiotic vampires are often confused with energy healers.

Pranic Vampire Prana is the Sanskrit word meaning “life energy", Which accurately describe the energy feed on by psychic vampires

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