How to Use Desire to Achieve Your Goals


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Look up the word ‘desire’ in the dictionary and you will see it defined as the “conscious impulse toward something that promises enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment". Desire is a longing, a craving, and an intense hunger for something that you want to achieve.

You might have heard of success stories in the past about how a group of teenagers who fiddled with their laptop computers in a garage managed to build a multi-million dollar company. Or the classic tale about how a regular employee managed to climb his way to the top and became a successful CEO of a top-notch establishment.

Such success stories, and more, can be attributed to a burning desire to achieve more than what you currently have and climb your way to the top. Simply wishing or dreaming about success and riches is not enough. You need to have a burning, intense desire and you should focus your energies towards achieving your goal.

If, for example, you have a nine-to-five desk job and you often see your boss with his expensive car and his humongous paycheck, you think, “I could be in his position. "

Merely thinking about the possibility of you replacing your boss, or getting into the same level that he is currently in is not enough. Wishes and daydreams are fine for the young ones. You, on the other hand, need to have this intense desire to be in the same position.

The word ‘obsession’ may sound a bit extreme but this is exactly what you need in order to channel your desire and obsession into something positive by coming up with ways on how to hit your target.

You need to focus all your energies, make a plan and work your way towards achieving the goal and the riches that you want. A burning desire is the first step – turn this into the starting point on working your way towards riches.

To have a deeper understanding of how you can use your desire to achieve success and riches, take a look at the following steps:

Set a ‘definite’ goal for yourself.

Again, it is good to point out that merely wishing is not enough. In the case of a regular employee who wants to reach the status of his boss, he needs to think, “Do I want to replace him in that position, should I aim to be a partner or somebody of a higher stature?"

Think about what can you give or sacrifice in order to achieve the riches that you desire.

If you need to sacrifice your leisure time to be able to achieve your goal, do so. Nothing will be accomplished without sacrificing something in return.

Set a deadline for yourself.

Procrastination will get you nowhere, so once you have that mindset to accomplish your goal, challenge yourself to reach the ‘finish line’ the soonest time possible.

Make a plan on how you intend to achieve your goals.

Write it down: how much you want to achieve, the time that you want the goal completed and make a plan on how you can acquire your riches.

Read the statement to yourself to help you realize your goals.

By going through your own set of goals, deadline, and steps on how to achieve your riches, you will start having this clear picture in your mind of you finally realizing your dream which is the fruit of your desire.

In this life, nothing is impossible. Death can be cheated if you have a strong desire to live. Illness and abnormalities can be overcome if you have a burning desire to lead a normal life, just like everybody else. No matter how many times you fall or fail, you just need to rise, try again and work your way back to achieving riches, as well as your goals.

Adversity and failure can be overcome if you will yourself to have a strong desire to succeed. This is how you can use a strong desire to overcome what at first seemed impossible - but can actually be realized if you just want it bad enough that you can taste success – and then work your way towards achieving your target.

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