How Having Self Confidence Changes Your Life

Jason Johns

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Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had more self confidence? How much would you be able to enjoy life if you had higher self esteem?

Many people may feel that they are just not fulfilled because they haven't got the confidence they should have. Think about it, if you don't have a lot of confidence then you may not get ahead in your job, you may not get on with the opposite sex, you may even feel you get taken advantage of by your friends.

Self-confidence is something you can so easily have in your life. Many people are going through life labouring under the false assumption that confidence is something you are born with. That's rubbish!

Confidence is something you learn. As a child you learn it from your parents, your friends and the people around you. Without the proper encouragement and belief a child will end up with no confidence. It's up to the parents to learn to encourage their children in order to build that confidence and self-belief.

However, not all is lost! Even as a teenager and an adult you can learn more about having self confidence. It's relatively easy to do. All you need is the motivation and will to do it. Without motivation or desire to improve your confidence you will be struggling to get anywhere. However, if you want to do it, then you can, and you will be shocked how easy it is to improve your self-confidence.

Too many people make having more self confidence complex and difficult but it's not. All you need to do is learn some tools and then apply them to your life. You can make it that complex if you want to, but you really don't need to when there are simple self confidence techniques you can use.

Rather than focus on lots of tools and techniques all at once, just take one, focus your attention on it with a laser like quality and master it. When you have mastered it and applied it to your life, then move on to the next self confidence technique.

Notice here I said “applied it to your life" in the above paragraph. Far too frequently I see people who sit there and tell me “I know that" when talking about self-confidence. If you know that, then why aren't you living it? There's a big difference between knowing it and KNOWING it. When you KNOW self confidence then you have applied it and mastered it.

If you are keen to improve your self-confidence and change your life then find some self confidence techniques that you can use. Find techniques that you are happy with and can use. Stick to them and apply them to your life and you can boost your self confidence at last.

Jason E. Johns is a personal success coach specializing in helping you become more confident and raise your self esteem through an innovative and compassionate approach. Discover how you can improve your self confidence at his self confidence website,


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