On Pursuing Joy & Happiness

Margo Kirtikar Ph.D.

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Have you wondered why happiness seems to evade those who spend their life chasing it? I’ve met so many people who seem constantly in search of joy and happiness and never find it. They hop around from one partner to another or from one profession to another, from one country to another, or then from one religious belief to another. What baffles me most is the fact that they are unaware that they are searching there where they cannot possibly find it, namely outside of themselves. Their happiness depends on how much money they have in their purse or bank account, it depends on their partner, their family, their job or it depends on the weather. There’s nothing wrong in pursuing joy and happiness. What leads to the disappointments and sorrow is the method in which this is done. Most tend to shy away from getting to know themselves, their inner self. Instead of focusing on themselves and gaining knowledge of who they are, on their inner life to gain more understanding and wisdom, they tend to focus on the external world, on material achievement and gains.

The focus instead should be on the inner self, their inner world, to gain understanding with their whole being, combining heart with head understanding. The person who has achieved this union is able to retain this inner joy and happiness even when swimming through the roughest of waters in life. The inner joy is a lasting joy. The heart of the human being is the globe over his soul light. Intellectual intelligence is only part intelligence. Spiritual intelligence is by far superior to intellectual intelligence, because the light of the soul knows all, it knows the past, the present and the future. Wisdom is by far superior to cleverness because wisdom comes from having contact with the intuition and the intuition comes from the light of the soul. A clever person works through his intellect and physical body, the wise person on the other hand, works independently from a higher sphere of knowing.

There is a spark of God, of the Divine, hidden in every human being on this earth, regardless of race or belief, and when this spark is acknowledged by the individual, when this spark is fanned and put ablaze, then the path is illuminated for the human who can then move on the path to perfection. The goal of all inner work for every individual, which is meant to be a daily task, is to achieve this inner joy and perfection. With this goal in mind, life itself becomes a joy, nothing and no one can take this away from you. Therefore, find and acknowledge this spark within yourself and fan it to a blaze! Feel how it warms you and gives you inner strength. Feel the joy within you. Five minutes of your time, regularly every day in deep meditation to mae the contact, is enough to activate this spark within you. If you cannot achieve this on your own, get help, visit workshops, do whatever it takes until you have made this contact. You will never regret it.

Margo Kirtikar, PhD. www.mindempowerment.net

Margo Kirtikar is a coach, gives teleclasses, tele and e mail sessions. Focuses on self improvement, developing intuition and higher mind. The sixth and seventh spiritual senses. For managers and executives a must! We can never improve ourselves enough! Focuses also on Change, depression and guidance through the rough periods in life. http://www.mindempowerment.net


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