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Do you need to relief stress? Is everything piling up on you? Are you finding it difficult to function or cope with daily chores or responsibilities? Or maybe you are just feeling down in the dumps and feel like you have no desire to participate in life at the moment. If you are experiencing these feelings then you probably need to reduce some of the stress in your daily life.

These stress relief tips can easily help relieve or reduce your stress levels and at the same time help cheer you up and give you the strength to survive life’s daily turmoil’s.

Take a nice long relaxing bath with your favorite bath oils for example lavender has a very calming effect. Add your favorite relaxing music, candles (scented if you like) try to stay in the bath for 30 minutes if possible. During this time you need to focus on how lucky you are to be able to take a hot bath.

Candles is very relaxing try to light a candle before you go to bed. Remember to turn off tv, computers and everything that might take away the calming effect that candles have. If you have small kids that can’t be turned off just like that make sure you put them to bed first. And very important do not fall a sleep with your child. You need to have time by yourself when you are awake.

Put on you favorite pyjamas or your favorite sweatpants and t-shirt. Whatever it is that you feel the most comfortable in when you are lounging around the house. Now you are going to spend a whole evening watching your favorite comedy films. Finding stress relief through laughter is a great antidote to the pressures of modern life and a great way to raise your spirits.

If you have kids make them laugh by doing what they do, they find it very amusing when you join them in there playing, act like them scream and run around like they do. There is nothing that can relief stress better then to listen to your kids laughing. I guarantee it will make you laugh too. Laughing is a very good stress reliever.

Write down negative and positive thoughts you have during a day. Before you go to bed you have to separate your negative thoughts from your positive thoughts. Write down all negative thoughts on one paper and the positive thoughts on another paper.

Take the paper with negative thoughts and burn it this will release the negative thoughts that causes stress. The paper with positive thoughts is the paper you read before you go to bed. First thing in the morning what do you do? Yes read the paper with all the positive thoughts. This paper is your best friend whenever you feel stressed you simply read all your positive thoughts about how wonderful you are.

After some time you will notice that your negative thoughts that causes stress is fading away. If you don’t give attention to them they will go away and you will relieve stress.

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