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Why have I called this The Entrepreneurial Edge? That’s a business term right? Right, or at least partially so. The actual definition of entrepreneur is:

  • A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture.

    What’s SuperAbundance? Well here’s a partial listing of what the Thesaurus poured out.

    abundance, bounty, wealth, riot, profusion, harvest, GREAT QUANTITY mother earth, rich soil hotbed, nursery, propagator, SEEDBED, cornucopia, horn of plenty, land of milk and honey, milch cow, second crop, aftergrowth, aftermath, SEQUEL, ant hill, MULTITUDE great quantity, muchness, galore, PLENTY, crop, harvest, profusion, abundance, productivity, PRODUCTIVENESS, superfluity, shower, flood, outpouring, spate, torrent, REDUNDANCE, STREAM, expanse, sheet, lake, sea, ocean, world, universe, world of, power of much, lot, whole lot, deal, good deal, great deal, not a little, not peanuts, not chicken feed, not to be sneezed at, too much, more than one bargained for, stock, mint, mine, STORE, quantity, peck, bushel, pints, gallons, lump, pile, heap, mass, stack, mountain, ACCUMULATION, packet (of), pack (of), load (of), full load, cargo, shipload, boatload, trainload, carload, truckload, sackful, containerful, quantities, lots, oodles, scads, gobs, wads, bags, heaps, loads, stacks, masses, tons, oceans, seas, floods, streams, volumes, reams, sheets, pages and pages, numbers, not a few, quite a few, crowds, hoards, masses, millions, hosts, swarms, multitudes, MULTITUDE, all, entirety, corpus, caboodle, WHOLE, greatness, largeness, bigness, girth, SIZE, large scale, generous proportions, ample proportions, outsize dimensions, vastness, enormousness, gigantism, HUGENESS, muchness, abundance, PLENTY, amplitude, ampleness, fullness, maximum, COMPLETENESS, plenitude, embarrassment of riches, arm and a leg, more than enough, REDUNDANCE, immoderation, PRODIGALITY, exorbitance, excessiveness, excess, EXAGGERATION, enormity, immensity, boundlessness, INFINITY, numerousness, countlessness, MULTITUDE, dimensions, magnitude, QUANTITY, DEGREE, extension, extent, LENGTH, BREADTH, HEIGHT, DEPTH, expanse, area, volume, capacity, SPACE, spaciousness, roominess, ROOM, mightiness, might, strength, intensity, POWER, INFLUENCE, intensification, magnification, multiplication, EXPANSION, aggrandizement, INCREASE, seriousness, significance, IMPORTANCE, eminence, SUPERIORITY, grandeur, grandness, NOBILITY, PRIDE, majesty, AUTHORITY, fame, renown, REPUTE, prestige.

    Well, I’m sure you get the picture? Now just decide what you want and using the power of visualization, input those suggestions into your subconscious mind.

  • Want to make more money?
  • Desire to feel better physically?
  • Hopeful of meeting your soul mate?
  • Wish you could be more organized?
  • Need to improve your health?
  • Want to have better study habits?
  • Excel at your sport of choice.
  • Or whatever your dreams and goals are.
  • It’s all within your grasp. Here’s a little secret, if you're reading this, you are far ahead of the pack. You have all the tools you’ll ever need to make your life a success. Actually you’ve always had these tools, visualization is just a way to use those tools in a beneficial manner.

    Realize this is fact, not theory, and you can achieve anything you desire in life.

    Your subconscious is a powerful force. A force that works non-stop 365 days a year to push you toward your goals, whatever they may be. Your subconscious is not the part of the mind that decides whether these goals are good or bad, that’s your conscious mind. But since you have this knowledge, make your goals, not only positive, but lofty. Meaning? Meaning set you standards high, higher than you ever have before, then expect to reach and surpass them.

    What should these goals be? Well you could strive for. . .

  • Success in business,
  • More cash flow
  • Better Memory
  • A more cheerful spirit
  • A healthier body
  • Anything you truly desire
  • There are no limits, only possibilities
  • Hopefully, you’ll choose a balance that will lead you toward the summit of your life. Do that and you’ll find the view at the top is a truly beautiful one?

    So how exactly do we get this Super Abundance?

    Do we chant mantras. No, not necessary but there isn't a problem if you do. The Hindus have their “OM” (we’re all familiar with that one), the Buddhist have “Om Mani Padme, Hum”, the Mohammadens chant “La Allah Illa Allah”, the Pope would have you say “Hail Mary” and you of course have positive suggestions. These varieties of methods are just likes spokes on a wheel, they all lead to your subconscious mind.

    I won’t delve into the “how to" of entering this relaxed, restful state of mine, where you can easily talk with your subconscious mind, that's the subject for another article. I will give you an important key call visualization.

    Visualization - We learned the elements of this key in the section on Creative Imagination. Refer back to that lesson often, then begin to build on it.

    Visualization begins with our imagination. And the creative imagination can best be accessed through self-hypnosis. Each time you enter this relaxed, powerful state of mind, begin to visualize (imagine) yourself living the life you desire. Let me clarify a bit. We all have day dreams and live mini-fantasies, that’s normal, but that’s not what we're discussing here. These are “Reality Dreams” often called Lucid Dreaming. See yourself taking step after step bringing you closer and closer to your goals.

  • See yourself succeeding in business.
  • See your health and well being, growing stronger each day.
  • See yourself meeting with that perfect someone, easily talking and planning for the future.
  • See yourself meeting the challenges of life and beating the odds.
  • You’re a winner, see it and believe it!
  • Everything comes with practice.

    Knowing that, begin your visualizations small. I’ll suggest a simple household object you see everyday. See it! See it in every detail, then begin to see other items nearby until the entire room or area is fixed, clearly in your mind’s eye. Then, once you can easily do this, use that image as a springboard moving onto more complex objects and scenarios. As you concentrate, you are sending powerful messages to your subconscious mind.

    Messages that say, “This is the way I want my reality to be”.

    Summing up Visualization.

  • Visualize yourself as the person you want to become
  • Visualize your friends, associates and loved ones as you want them to be.
  • Visualize your surroundings, home, car, city, job, as you want them to be.
  • Visualize yourself as having the healthy and robust body that you want to have.
  • Do this for five minutes a day and you will see will begin to see your life change. You’ll begin to see circumstances molding to your reality.

    Rahn is an accomplished author, director and world traveler. During those travels, jumping from flight to flight, bivouacking under spartan conditions, carrying sound and video equipment to remote places, relaxation and visualization became part of his daily life. Rahn recently completed "Mind Mastery" (a CD that teaches how to access the hidden reaches of mind and unlock your potential). You can read more of his writing at Unleash The Power Of Your Subconscious (which offers a free download of several chapters), and


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