The Ebb and Flow of Your Vibratory Seasons

Aaron Potts

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This article is being written in mid-November, which for most people in the northern hemisphere is the fall season, with many of you having seen winter weather already. For those of you north of the Equator, but still in the lower climates, you may still be comfortable, but even your temperatures have probably started to fluctuate due to the changing of the seasons.

Although the details of the season-shifts on this planet vary depending on where you live, everyone has some sort of a seasonal change that happens in their climates, and some people welcome that change of pace.

This changing of the seasons sometimes has a profound effect on our lifestyles for various reasons. Whether that be longer or shorter days, hotter or colder temperatures, more or less rainfall, or whatever changes occur where you live, these variations tend to have a powerful effect on our day to day lives. Sometimes this effect is welcome, while other times it is not.

Even your body will respond to changes in your local climate by using it’s amazing ability to adapt to any given set of circumstances. The only thing that remains constant and relatively unchanged by these seasonal variables is your mind.

Despite the staggering and sometimes unbelievable advances that the human race has made in scientific and medical technology, we still cannot map where the mind itself actually “lives”.

We tend to think of it as being “in our head”, although even that is debatable. Every single strand of DNA in your body has the blueprint inside of it to rebuild your entire body, so to say that your “mind” is only inside your head from a physiological standpoint does not sound very accurate.

Others would argue that your mind exists separately from your body, and that the human body is nothing more than a vessel for our human experience here in the 3-dimensional world.

Although the purpose of this article is not to debate where the mind lives, if it is really the “soul”, or any other such philosophical standpoints, the fact does remain that the mind is the only thing that is Constant in your life. It is the one thing that you – and you alone – control.

James Arthur Ray has talked about focusing on the “unchanging” things in your life, because they are what truly make you who you are. You may have a nice car that helps you to enjoy life, but that car doesn’t really have anything to do with who you are as a person. You may have a great house that you worked for years to afford, but that house has no real bearing on what you have to offer as an individual. You may have a high-profile job that allows you to effect positive changes in the world, but if you didn’t WANT to make those changes to begin with, your job would be useless.

These are the types of things that you should think about when you go about your daily business of being the deliberate creator of your existence, because pretty much everything else will change around you, whether you want it to or not.

The changing of the seasons is a perfect example of this, and since the changing seasons can have such a profound effect on your day to day life and even your emotional state, then now would be a good time to remind yourself that there is no time when you shouldn’t be focusing on creating your life to be what you want it to be.

Since we live in a universe that is based on the Law of Attraction, we are ALWAYS attracting things into our lives, whether we want those things to be there or not. The minute that we stop focusing on creating our life to be a certain way, then we start attracting by “default”.

We start to go about our daily lives by just dealing with whatever happens to be in front of us at any given moment, rather than creating our lives to be the way that we want them to be. That type of behavior would be a bad idea in ANY environment, but in the negatively-charged environment that many of us live and work in on a daily basis, not purposely creating your life is downright dangerous!

In the eBook ‘How to Invoke the Law of Attraction', there is a section about how our jobs and our environment program us in a very negative way each and every day, teaching us things that we don’t want to know, and without even telling us that we are going to be taught. We are simply subjected to these negative circumstances, and without having our “positive shields” up, we let that negativity soak right into our bodies and our minds.

The moral of this seasonal discussion is simply that just because the seasons are changing does not mean that YOU should stop focusing on what you want out of life! Don’t let the hustle and bustle of modified routines, holiday details, and climate changes take your mind off of the daily need to focus on creating your life to be what you want it to be.

As a conscious creator of your existence, you should be having thoughts about your dream life at every available opportunity. You should be experiencing emotionally-charged visualizations several times each day. You should be taking daily action to ensure that your dream life becomes a reality.

If you allow the changing of the seasons to take your focus away from consciously creating your vision of the perfect life, then you will attract a life that you don’t want, even though you didn’t even know that you didn’t want it!

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