Emotional Well Being - What's Age Got To Do With It?


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Have you noticed that as people age they seem to grow “mellower"? Well now there's scientific proof for that hypothesis. A study by LM Williams, KJ Brown and D Palmer reported in the June 14, 2006 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience concluded that emotional stability and well being improves during an individual's life span well into the 7th decade.

That's good news. Like a fine wine, it's nice to know that some things in life do get better with age. While we may decline physically we're actually getting better mentally. At least as far as our emotions are concerned. The study also found that neurotic tendencies decline as we age. Consequently those aged 12 to 19 display the highest rates of neuroticism.

It seems that life experience and changing motivational goals help older adults deal better with whatever life events they encounter. It makes sense when I think about the life events I've encountered thus far in my life. The more life events you experience, good or bad, the greater your ability to deal positively with future life events.

But you know what, I'll let you in on a little secret. You don't have to wait to grow older hoping to have a greater sense of well being. You can easily develop a greater sense of well being right now! The more control you feel you have over your life the greater your sense of well being becomes. This segues right into the principles underlying the Law Of Attraction.

If you understand and practice the principles governing the Law Of Attraction then you already have a strong sense of well being since you are in control of manifesting your reality. You need to understand that your reality is merely a reflection of your thoughts and emotions. Those thoughts and emotions together set you in a vibrational state that attracts events, people and circumstance to bring about the reality you seek. Whether that reality and your well being is positive or negative is ultimately up to you.

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