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Scientists tell us that as eagles age, their beaks and talons become encrusted with calcium. Thus, neither is as sharp as they once were. When this happens, the aging eagle cannot hunt as effectively as he once did. As he ages, he also loses some of his feathers. When this happens it causes his body to “whistle" in the air as he dives toward his prey. This destroys his ability to hunt in silence, thus further reducing his effectiveness as a hunter.

When the eagle enters this period of his life and he appears bedraggled and haggard, he will descend from soaring in the heights above and find him a place in the rocks. There, he will pluck out all of his feather and break off his own calcium encrusted beak against the rocks. He will even scratch his talons against the rocks until they are reduced to nubs. At this point, the eagle is absolutely vulnerable and defenseless. Many eagles die during this process because they cannot feed themselves or escape predators.

But, during this time a wonderful thing begins to happen, to those who survive. The feathers will begin to grow back. His beak will also grow back. His talons regrow as long and as sharp as ever before. After a time, the eagle will step out on the rocks, flap his great wings and take to the skies once again in victory. The eagle has “renewed its youth", its vigor and strength return and it mounts up and soars on high again. Member Selena Cheung told me about this amazing fact.

There comes a time in all our lives when we should regroup, reconsider and reevaluate. It’s never too late to start over. It’s good to take refuge and be alone, or at least to take counsel from a wiser and more successful Eagle. It’s been said that you can put wings on a pig, but he will never soar. Be careful not to take advice from a winged pig, masquerading as an Eagle. Select an Eagle whom you admire and trust and emulate the metamorphism described above.

“Come to the edge, ” he said, but they were afraid. “Come to edge, ” he said. They came, he pushed them, and they flew.

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