Brief Thoughts on Beginning a New Week and a New Life

Kenneth Wallace

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Each week, especially Mondays, brings with it a slew of emotions accumulated from all the weeks and Mondays in the past. Mondays are usually greeted, if not with a sense of downright dread, then with a less than enthusiastic attitude and a low-grade anxiety. It's like going through a briar patch - as you travel through it, more and more burrs from the branches stick to your clothing. As you accumulate more “attachments" (physical, mental and emotional) as you go through life, the spiritual speed with which you travel decreases and the goals you set for yourself begin to loom loftier and soon appear to be bigger than your ability - and now your desire - to achieve them.

In order to grow inside, often you must shrink the outside, the accumulations and attachments and stuff that wind up cluttering up your mind and soul. The things you possess eventually possess you because you worry about their safety, care and cost and develop anxiety over the possibiity (or expectation, if you're really paranoid) of losing them. The growth of a person into a fuller, more fulfilled and joyous human being is more a matter of letting go than of adding on. If you can let go of your attachments to past possessions and attitudes you can move forward faster to accomplishing your worthy and worthwhile goals of becoming the person you can be so that you can do what you need to do in order to have what you really need to have - and nothing more. You won't want anything more because you have all you need because you are the person you've always wanted to be. You've given up trying to add anything else because you don't need anything else. You've grown so big on the inside that nothing on the outside can add to your growth as a person. The only source of growth from external things for you now is to let them go so they can flow through you to those whose need of them is greater than yours.

This is a great place in which to be, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. What do you need to let go of instead of trying to add more of?

Ken Wallace, M. Div. , CSL has been in the organizational development field since 1973. He is a seasoned consultant, speaker and executive coach with extensive business experience in multiple industries who provides practical organizational direction and support for business leaders. A professional member of the National Speakers Association since 1989, he is also a member of the International Federation for Professional Speaking and holds the Certified Seminar Leader (CSL) professional designation awarded by the American Seminar Leaders Association.

Ken is one of only eight certified Business Systems Coaches worldwide for General Motors.

His topics include ethics, leadership, change, communication & his unique Optimal Process Design® program.

Tel:(800)235-5690 Claim your free Leadership Self-Evaluation Checklist by visiting the Better Than Your Best website.


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Change Your Life By Choosing New Thoughts
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