10 Every Day Rules for Success and Happiness

Steve Farmer

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In nature there is one basic truth. All living things grow and change or they begin to deteriorate and die. Your relationships, your hobbies, your career and your life are no different.

Don’t believe it. Just ask yourself where are those friends you had long ago that that you don’t have regular contact with?

What ever happened to that hobby you loved to spend time with that some how got set aside and neglected?

Will you really get that next promotion or raise if you just show up every day and keep doing what you are doing now?

So now that you are onboard with the idea, here are ten things you can do every day to help ensure you continue to grow and thrive.


Begin each day by asking your self “what if” questions. Dream big, abandon previously held truths for now, you can always apply reality checks later.

Live in the world of possibilities

Former president Ronald Regan had a standing rule in his staff meetings. Staffers were never permitted to say “that will not work because”. Instead every new idea was approached with the concept “This will work if. . . ” Challenge yourself to adopt a similar attitude and avid thinking in terms of problems that need to overcome. Instead focus on ways to make your dreams and ideas possible.

Any reason is a good reason to try.

Remember, it is your idea, so go for it. You don’t need permission to grow. No explanations or excuses are needed if you desire change.

Perfection will destroy your passion

Experiment with ideas. So what if it isn’t perfect. Try things out for a while. Live life moving forward, sure in your belief that some progress is better than none. Look for the simple solution that moves you closer to your goal, not the perfect one.

Oops Happens

Things can and will go wrong. Fix mistakes laugh about them, learn from them and then move on. Acknowledge mistakes, don’t hide them or wait to fix them. Make corrections and keep moving.

Take action

Don’t wait there is no perfect time to launch an idea. The best way to kill an idea is to delay taking action until the time is right.

Get a vaccination regularly

Barriers and roadblocks to progress are like booster shots for success. By exposing yourself to challenges, you get stronger. In the same way exposing your immune system to small doses of some diseases, challenges inoculate your resolve to succeed.

Drill deep for success

Understand the root cause of difficulties. To get to the source of a problem, always try to ask “WHY” six times. When you run out of answers to “why”, you probably have found the point that a small change will have a big impact on future outcomes.

Live like the hunter gatherer you are meant to be.

You don’t live alone on this planet, so gather ideas from lots of people. Build on other peoples ideas instead of starting from scratch. Ask for help. Other people really do want you to succeed.

The sun will come up tomorrow

When you reach a goal set another one. There is no end to growth so keep going and keep growing.

Steve Farmer is a leader in the field of Personal Coaching. As a skilled professional coach, he brings the power of individual coaching to everyday living. Steve empowers individuals to follow their dreams, achieve more in their current careers, and maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives.

A busy entrepreneur himself, Steve understands the many demands and challenges facing today's families. He also knows that amidst the chaos, people sometimes need support in maintaining both their sanity and a balanced life. With his innate listening and problem-solving gifts, Steve helps individuals find solutions to their unique problems.

Learn more about Steve at his website =>http://www.innovations4life.com


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The Seven Fundamentals of Happiness and Success
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