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Zoe Routh

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Robert Pirsig in the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance said, “Quality tends to spread outwards in waves. Begin with your head and heart. " I really believe this is an important message. When you have quality thoughts and feelings, it turns up in everything else you do. The way you think and feel is reflected in how you speak, act, behave.

Quality also impacts on those around you. Notice when you walk into an establishment and every little detail has been looked after - the shelves are dusted, the plants are healthy, the receptionist's desk is immaculate. This kind of attention to detail reflects the standards of the people who work there, the quality of the people working there. And it makes you feel good to be there! It can also inspire you to raise your own standards, take more care in what you do and what you say. Notice the difference in attitude and behaviour you express in a top restaurant versus the local pub. Your surroundings have an impact on you.

Thomas Leonard said, “The physical universe never lies". If you have less than excellent quality around you - shabby clothes, dirty office, junk food diet - it reflects the state of your mind and soul.

You can however also have an impact on your surroundings - the equation works both ways. If you take excellent care of your surroundings, you will then also be taking excellent care of yourself. It is amazing how much different you can think and feel if you simply change your environment to be more positive, clean, tidy, polished. A clean car can lift your spirits! (Don't believe me? I challenge you to have your car detailed, or your house cleaned, or put on your best suit - see if you don't feel just a little bit better!)

Bringing these two concepts together, you have the following rationale - if you produce quality results in everything you do, you show a special quality that emanates from the way you think and feel about the world. What you do expresses what you think, what you think is expressed in what you do. Change the way you think, and you change the way you behave. If this is too hard, change the way you behave, or improve your environment, and you will change the way you think and feel.

It makes looking after the little things that much more significant - cleaning up the coffee you spilled, making your bed in the morning, saying thank you with genuine care to a service person, leaving something a little bit cleaner or nicer than when you found it - these are messages you give yourself and others about quality - the quality of your spirit.

Have an excellent week and seek to express quality - the quality of YOU, wherever you are.

Cancer survivor Zoe Routh is the Head Coach at Inner Compass, a personal development organisation that helps busy professionals work less and achieve more. Inner Compass offers practical strategies and solutions to improve personal effectiveness and live an inspired life.


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Quality Activity Achieves Quality Results
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