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Did you see the sunrise this morning? When was the last time you actually watched a sunrise? Did you pay attention to the gradual unfolding of the new day as the symphony of color and light burst upon you with exciting brilliance and energy not only bringing light and warmth, but the peace and hope that always accompanies the dawning of a new day.

Does the sunrise affect you this way? It should. It is evidence of a promise. It is a miracle. It is a gift we receive again and again, regardless of whether we deserve it or not.

It is the gift of “another chance” or a “renewed opportunity” to make good on our promises we have made to our self and to those around us whom we love and who love us and have faith in us.

So take a few moments to view the physical evidence of the daily renewal of peace and hope and life. Stand at the window and wait, because patience is a virtue.

Ponder the implied meanings of everything you see as the sunrise unfolds before you.

What is the first thing you see? The eastern horizon gradually getting lighter. Notice that as the light grows brighter, the darkness goes away. A bit simplistic, perhaps, but profoundly true. The light will always dispel the darkness.

Notice the changing colors in the sky as the blackness gradually goes to a bright “blue sky” with a perfect blending across the entire expanse from east to west. See the colors in the whispy clouds that begin in deep purples, going through reds and oranges and finally from yellows to white. See the lessons in the distinct but harmonious mixing of the colors in the sky. They are individual, yet work together for the overall tapestry that they create together. We, as creations of this earth, should likewise learn to work harmoniously with one another as we help to weave the tapestry of human history.

Now the sun begins to rise over the edge of the horizon. Close your eyes and feel the delicious warmth as the first rays of the morning splash gently across your face. Feel the comforting sensations of peace and tranquility as the rays penetrate flesh and bone, filling your mind and heart with a joy as refreshing as youthful innocence.

Now, take hold of this experience and consciously process the feelings and sensations into a relished memory, one that you can reach back into and take hold of any time you need a lift, any timr you need comfort, any time you need to feel peace.

The Light always dispels the darkness.


Bob Curtis has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and has been writing about the elements of relationships for a number of years. He is the manager of the Essential Sunshine Association, a new website for positive relationship development at .


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