Top Speaker Suggests Telling Yourself I Have To Do This & I Will


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Volumes have been written on the importance of monitoring your self-talk, your internal dialogue, which is sometimes called “thinking. "

What we tell ourselves can be hypnotic and it can have huge impacts on our performance and overall happiness.

If you fly for business, you might think of your trip and mumble to yourself: “I hate having to leave town!" or “Is this trip really necessary?"

When you arrive at the airport, you might overhear yourself thinking, “Getting through Security is becoming more and more of a hassle!" and “I hate these delays!"

All of these sub-vocalizations spell trouble because they become self-fulfilling prophesies. If we expect to suffer hassles, they may materialize as dreaded.

There is an alternative.

First, MONITOR what you’re telling yourself, and when it isn’t positive or productive, DISPUTE IT.

“Why do I expect Security to be a hassle? The TSA has been adding staff and improving it, so it could be better than ever!"

I’ve found myself saying: “Gee I really need to do this, " and then leaving the thought somewhat incomplete.

Lately, I’ve been adding this tag line, and it has been helping me to accomplish more:

“And I will!"

So, I’ll tell myself, “I must get that proposal done; and I will!"

Now, I have a constructive AFFIRMATION that I can use to stay on top of things.

Try this, and tell me what you think!

Best-selling author of 12 books and more than 900 articles, Dr. Gary S. Goodman is considered “The Gold Standard"-the foremost expert in sales development, customer service, and telephone effectiveness. Top-rated as a speaker, seminar leader, and consultant, his clients extend across the globe and the organizational spectrum, from the Fortune 1000 to small businesses. He can be reached at: .


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How An Introverted Recluse Became A Popular & Purposeful Public Speaker
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