Soul Winning, Preach the Good News or They Will Perish

Paul Davis

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God devises ways that His estranged and banished might be reconciled unto Him (2 Sam. 14:14). D. L. Moody knew very well the impending judgment that awaits the ungodly and drove himself hard that souls might be saved. Sometimes they called him “Crazy Moody, ” because he was always hurrying somewhere. His uncle said, “My nephew Dwight is crazy, crazy as a March hare. ”

His brother agreed, “Dwight is running from morning to night. He hardly gets time to eat. ” Moody in his own words said, “I saw the dying men – I heard the groans of the wounded, ” he recalls. He was criticized by Prohibitionists for giving brandy to soldiers in the Civil War who were dying as a means of reviving them, so he could tell them about Jesus. D. L. Moody truly valued the salvation of souls and did not want any to go to hell.

Evangelist Benny Hinn knows the reality of God’s eternal judgment. The year of 1974 unleashed a never-ending flow of God’s power upon his life. One day he thought to himself, “There must be a reason for it. ” Upon asking the Lord why He was doing all these wonderful things for him, God revealed to him the souls that were moving toward the roaring inferno of hell-fire. God showed Benny someone standing in front of him. He was totally in flames, moving uncontrollably; his feet were not touching the ground. The mouth of this individual was opening and closing – like what the Bible calls “gnashing of teeth. ”

At that moment the Lord spoke to Benny in an audible voice saying, “Preach the gospel. ” Two nights later the Lord gave him a dream in which thousands of people were falling into hell-fire. The Lord clearly spoke to him a second time saying, “If you do not preach, everyone who falls will be your responsibility. ”

For the sake of souls, we must warn the wicked of the coming judgment of God. The Bible clearly states that when we are in heaven with the Lord, we shall be able to see them in hell from a distance. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Worms will consume the flesh of the transgressors in hell and the fire will never be quenched (Isa. 66:22-24). This should be a vivid enough picture to compel you to preach the Gospel of Christ. Paul said, “Woe is me, if I don’t preach the Gospel!” (1 Cor. 9:16)

The above excerpt has been taken from Paul Davis’ book “Holy Ghost Fire or Hellfire? The inescapable choice. " Other books by this author include “Breakthrough for a Broken Heart, " “Stop Lusting & Start Living, " and the forthcoming “God vs. Religion. "

Paul's compassion for people & passion to travel has taken him to over 50 countries of the world where he has had a tremendous impact. Paul has also served many in war-torn, impoverished and tsunami stricken regions of the earth. His nonprofit organization Dream-Maker Ministries is building dreams, breaking limitations and reviving nations.

Paul truly has been baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire. His fiery ministry inspires, revives, awakens, impregnates with purpose, imparts the fire of desire, catapults people into a new level of self-awareness, facilitates destiny discovery and dream fulfillment.

Contact Paul to minister, speak at your event or for life coaching: 407-967-7553; 407-284-1705

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