What are the Effects and Causes of Job Stress and How Can It Be Controlled?


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Job stress: The Workplace

This is an increasing problem in today's world where the competition within the various economies means that more workers are affected, whilst the precise nature of their job stress may vary. Some may feel that their job is threatened, whereas others feel job stress as feelings of inadequacy in going about their work. But the situation is not hopeless, through the application of some simple techniques; the effects of job stress may be ameliorated.

Job Insecurity

Insecurity about job tenure is a frequent cause of job stress. Some may feel it inevitable that they will be replaced in what they recognise as a world becoming increasingly competitive. They may feel that they can be replaced by someone younger or cheaper to employ. But this may not be an entirely realistic view of the world, and individuals must remind themselves of their importance to the companies. Their employers saw qualities in them when taking them on which will not have gone away so long as they are trying their best.


Others may continually strive for perfection, anything less may make them feel that the poor job is being done. But we all make mistakes and none of us are perfect. Just look around at fellow workmates and see for yourself. And then remind yourself of this as you go about your work.

Another cause of job stress may be an inability to leave the workplace at the workplace and not take it home. It is vital to have a relaxed and happy home life uninhibited by work considerations. There are a variety of techniques that can be followed to avoid this form of job stress where the workplace is constantly present, whether at work or not.

As soon as job stress is felt, and the warning signs at present, you must do all you can to calm down then and there. Quickly find a place to do some deep breathing exercises, close your eyes, and relax. Then just talk to yourself and remind yourself off the fact that it is just a job, important yes, but not as important as your health. Then go back and approach the cause of the job stress in a relaxed way, seeing it for what it is with a clear sense of proportion. If you can't succeed yourself in this approach, then seek help of a trained therapist who will be able to do so with the minimum of effort.

Removing Job Stress

The reduction of job stress will mean that you can go about your work much more effectively, concentrating fully on the job in hand. Your home life will benefit too. Make sure that your work is left at the workplace, the benefits will be felt immediately, and you'll feel much better as a result.

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