What's Blocking Your Success?

Vicki Miller

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Do you sometimes feel that you’ve done all the right things, (followed your company’s training materials, read leadership and self-help books, listened to motivational speakers, devoted essential time to your business), and you’re still not achieving the success you want?

If that’s the case, then you probably carry some self-limiting beliefs that block your success. We all carry around these beliefs – ones that have been with us for years. Getting clear of these old beliefs is the key to unlocking your true potential. It’s about removing the inner obstacles to your own desires and intentions.

Look at this partial list and see if any of these beliefs match what you think or say:

  • I’m not good (smart, educated, attractive, creative, strong, knowledgeable, talented, young), enough.
  • I don’t deserve success.
  • I’m not a leader.
  • I have to work harder than anyone else.
  • I’m not capable.
  • I could never be as successful as _.
  • I’m not in control (bad things always happen to me).
  • I don’t have what it takes.
  • Successful people are not liked (my friends won’t like me if I am too successful).
  • Asking for help is a sign of weakness.
  • Being wealthy requires too much effort.
  • I’m not top achiever material.
  • I’m too timid (afraid).
  • I’m not good at managing money.
  • Let’s take “I’m not good enough” for example. Here’s a scenario that could happen with this belief:

    I have this feeling of not being good enough in the back of my mind as I am working in my business everyday. Each time I think about trying something new or taking a risk, I procrastinate, make excuses, and find other projects to do. I keep studying what other leaders are doing and telling myself – “Wow – that sounds like a great idea!” But what happens? I never implement any of the new ideas because my old buried belief causes me to unconsciously sabotage myself. Or if I do try something new, I only select something that I'm sure I can handle - something that keeps me in my “comfort zone". Meanwhile, I go on wondering why I’m not achieving the success I expected.

    So what’s the answer? How do you get clear of buried self-limiting beliefs?
    First – Spend some quiet time reflecting on what self-limiting beliefs you have. What are your fears? Are there any incidents in your past that caused you to carry self-doubts? What are these doubts? Write down all the beliefs and doubts using “I am _” statements.

    Second – By each one of the statements record at least three examples of proof that the statement is NOT TRUE. (In the example above - I would list proof where I have been and am currently good enough as in servicing my customers).

    Third – Rewrite each old belief into a new belief – the REAL TRUTH. Example: “I am not good enough” changes to “I am extremely capable and talented!” Practice, practice, practice saying this new statement out loud and silently until you believe it. It’s worth the effort! (Remember you lived with the old belief for a long time so making this change is a journey. )

    Fourth – Seek support. How do you know if you need support? Think back to your New Year’s resolutions or other goals you may have set – did you keep them? If not, then most likely it’s because buried beliefs stopped you. Work with a friend, mentor, or coach to help you permanently convert the old self-limiting beliefs into new empowering beliefs.

    If you can also get your team to uncover their limiting beliefs, and replace them with empowering ones, you will be contributing to their growth - both financially and personally and to yours!

    Here's to your new beliefs!

    Vicki Miller CUCG, PCC - Copyright October 2006

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