The Now Habit

Charles Brown

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I am a procrastinator. I say that in the same sense that a reformed alcoholic still acknowledges his disease. I may gain some level of control over it, but I still have those tendencies that I must watch or they will take over my life.

The best discipline I’ve learned is the Now Habit.

First, let me explain what the Now Habit is not. It is not a complex system of rewards I set up for myself if I get certain tasks done. Those have never worked for me. Mainly because I am the one in charge of administering those rewards.

If I want those rewards badly enough, I have been known to just take the reward without doing the task beforehand. Bad, bad, bad.

What the Now Habit is, is a way of keeping my mind in the present. I procrastinate when I fool myself into believing I can do the “dreaded thing" later. That’s living in the future.

I also tend to get down on myself for not doing the “dreaded thing" sooner. So what happens is that instead of congratulating myself when I finally get to work on it, I blast myself because I should be much farther along than I am.

Living in the present is the only way to get things done. To keep my mind on the now, I use affirmations. I repeat, “do it now, " or “I will act now" to myself over and over again all day long. Sometimes I have even write these affirmations down ten or twenty times a day, especially when I was trying to build this habit.

There is an old saying (which if any reader can send me the source, I would love to give that person proper credit) that says:

Sow a thought, reap an act.
Sow an act, reap a habit.
Sow a habit, reap a destiny.

These affirmations are my way of building a habit. A now habit that will force the competing procrastination habit from my life.

Build the now habit. Find the now affirmations that resonate with you and repeat them hundreds of times a day. Like all habits, in 21 days it will be entrenched in your consciousness. Reap your own destiny.

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