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Life is a series of choices. Decisions control your life. Thoughts are major factors in success or failure. You must take stock of your thoughts and make attitude adjustments when necessary to change to the appropriate mood. You have permission to publish this article if the resource box is left intact.

We all need an attitude adjustment once in a while. When you are in a sour mood, you cannot do your best. You have the power to control your thoughts. There are different ways to look at anything. You can choose between positive, negative and indifferent thoughts. When you get started thinking in the wrong way, it can lead to disaster. Our thoughts control what we do and how well we do it.

When you do things in the same way, for a period of time, it becomes routine and you operate on automatic pilot. Your mind plays back how you did it before, and you do not think consciously. It is like typing. My conscious mind does not know where the keys are, but my fingers do!

Too much unconscious or concentrated conscious thinking can hypnotize you. That is why you need to take frequent brakes to reset your mind. You need both parts of your brain, but you should not go off and leave the wrong one in charge.

Both positive and negative thoughts serve a purpose, but you need a balance between them. Too many negative thoughts can affect your ability to function. Too many positive thoughts could cause you to overlook the flaws in your plans and lead to failure. Train yourself to recognize when your thoughts are too negative or positive. When your thoughts are out of balance, you need an attitude adjustment.

Negative thoughts are like yellow traffic lights. They give the signal to look for danger. Extremely negative thoughts are like red traffic lights; they put the brakes on. Positive thoughts are like green traffic lights that send you merrily on your way.

If you get the red, yellow, and green traffic lights confused you would have chaos. In a similar manner, if positive and negative thoughts are confused, you can have disaster. You must take charge of your thoughts. When you are thinking too many destructive negative thoughts, you must tell your self to quit thinking that way and shift to a positive mood. On the other hand, when you feel like you could go bear hunting with a switch, you had better start looking for the flaws.

Brain wave and Lie detector tests prove that thoughts effect us in a negative or positive way. Coaches of sports teams know that the game is controlled by the mental state of the players. Your attitude controls the effectiveness of most of the things you do. You have the power to select the mood you are in. To be successful, you need to be in a mostly optimistic mood, with just enough of a cautious attitude to keep checking for flaws.

When you need to shift to more positive thoughts, remember your past successes. If thoughts are too positive, think of the times that you overlooked danger signs and proceeded full speed ahead only to crash head on into disaster.

If you pass your exit on the interstate, you may have to go a few miles in the wrong direction to find a place to turn around and go the other way. Likewise, when you realize you are going the wrong way on your project, you have to retrace your steps mentally. That is why you must be alert and keep an eye out for the flaws and danger signals in your plans.

You must be in charge of your thoughts, and not let your thoughts run you. With practice and determination you can learn to recognize when your thoughts are out of balance. You can tell yourself to leave your false dream world, and to get back to reality.

Thoughts and emotions play a major role in success or failure. Successful people control their thoughts. Failure is not an option. They lose some battles, but win the war. You can too, if you are the master of your thoughts.

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